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Once upon a was LINE that stood between the sailor, the wind and the open seas-
Medium: poems and photographs

  • Fire of Fire~

    size: 3.5ft x 2.5ft material: acrylic & canvas
  • Written Somewhere: from Line series

    Written somewhere~ a child's perfect prayer scribbled in memory "tis no small affair~ not to drop the sacred spark, loose it in the air~ or flame up splintering embers into ashes everywhere~ MKE 9/20/11 Photograph: Baltimore Harbor 2015
  • Paintings with Crates (miniature edition)

    handmade miniature art crates with paintings wood, paint, styrene, board, and polyurethane 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 1 1/4" 2013 Edition of 10
  • Line- from Line series

    Photograph: Baltimore Harbor 2015
  • Light - Line series

    Unto~ the night she did cast a light, to see and to know a just hand in the shadow~ MKE 9/22/11 Photograph: Baltimore Harbor 2015
  • Critical Angle

    Tis' wide birth tanker, cutting a critical angle- through ocean forests forever untangled in ye' eternal anchor. MKE 12/ 29/2012 Photograph: Baltimore Harbor- 2015
  • The Ledger

    Remember to remember, time is not the pretender~ for to whomever you owe, eternity will already know. MKE 2/10/2013 Photograph: Baltimore Harbor 2015
  • Line

    Photograph: Baltimore Harbor 2015

Cities and Births

Poems, paintings, metal works, drawings- respective to the trial, tribulation, survival and renewal of three cities: New York City, New Orleans and Baltimore.

  • Atlas: The Americas

    Atlas: Columbus Day~ Discovery still a ways off the charts to find America's first line~ an ancient viking rhyme mixed with Indian mud~ faces painted red as blood~ they will dance like smoke growing thin~ running through forests thick as the wind. MKE 6/23/15 Drawing: 24" x 36" - pencil/vellum
  • Great Unknowns: New York

    New York the day went up in smoke- four blue angels flew over the bay at noon nine eleven day year thirteen- swept the air from sea to ground ablaze the furthest maze- where only one bridge did gaze across forever ...on the day the bay- went up in smoke and blistering shadows crumbled to the pavement- to freedom's lament. Torment the fields of wheat watched from the heartland's- scratched their heads and turned in their beds while New Yorker's kiss and drink one neat on their brand new street. MKE 9/11/14 Painting: 6" x 8" copper, wire, stones, paint, wood~
  • Mississippi River: stones

    size: 6" x 8" material- Mississippi River- stones, silk, nails, gold leaf~
  • Mississippi River

    size: 24" x 36" material: pencil on vellum
  • Bridge

    size 24" x 36" material: pencil on vellum
  • Curfew- 2015

    size: 6" x 8" materials: paint, fabric, metal, rust, wood~
  • Scales

    size: 6" x 8" materials: paint, copper, wood~
  • Baltimore Composition with Pearl

    Baltimore your pear lay open the cries of the poor whose riots surged from their own unknown doors- framed from within destined never to win-awake in the dark celebrating six stark charges. Whose weight will balance the farthest? Grey- when she breaks the deadbolt- and blue grey becomes Baltimore's finest overcoat. MKE June 10, 2015 Painting: 3ft x 4ft- materials:paint, sea glass, found metal objects on canvas.

Flying Clouds

Flying Cloud was a historic log canoe that raced on the Chesapeake Bay. Flying Cloud captured me and I began collecting old photos of the vessel. I eventually painted the Flying Cloud vessel~ thus penetrating her theme coordinates~ regarding other applicable content and images.

Freedom's Gate

Freedom's Gate: dedicated to our soldiers for their fortitude, courage, perseverance, injury, recovery from injury, grief, recovery from grief, sacrifice, endurance, honor, service and triumph.
Medium: poems and photographs- the gates, bays and steps of Fort McHenry- The Rose Dome- courtesy of the Basilica- Baltimore, MD.

  • The Rose Dome: from Freedom's Gate

    Photograph: The Basilica
  • Sacred the hearts

    Sacred the hearts who see vast beyond the plank and splintered edges of time where here waited heavy hearts who longed for justice and waited again prayerfully and waited again patiently-for the rose of time to find our soldiers who served us- in military time, repeating the rhyme she'll sew long and fine their silver line-until peace- once again they shall find. MKE 11/18/2013 Photograph: Fort McHenry
  • The Free~ from: Freedom's Gate

    And here I lay to die, my eyes fixed upon the sky- the last cloud I did see sounded forever- near a far off sea. My death was for thee- the land that leads the free. MKE 11/11/2013 Photograph: Fort McHenry
  • Casts Cold- from: Freedom's Gate

    Fine is the line of the strong and sublime when no wasted movement defines far their time- since grace sets the line- to serve the silent mine, where loosing one's life in the fight to protect one's land- casts cold the gold band- on a mother's hand- lost sons and daughters- our soldiers where also fathers. MKE 11-18-2013 Photograph: Fort McHenry
  • A Soldier's Steps- from: Freedom's Gate

    A soldier steps upstairs to rest- beyond the glory he kneels and fears the real battlefield story- unfolding in mazes- resounding the places, flashbacks the mind cracks- unloading the dead tolling, he will lie down on fine linen- one more thread-count obsidian. MKE 11/7/2013 Photograph: Fort McHenry
  • The Hidden Gunman-

    Photograph: Fort McHenry
  • Bright Stars- from: Freedom's Gate

    Bright stars see far beyond this war- embroider dreams where soldier's lay, she guards their way- through marble halls- a maze. Grace first quenches the thirst for peace, a soldier's feast. MKE 10-31-2013 Photograph: Fort McHenry
  • Hands in the Glue From: Freedom's Gate

    Hands in the glue- the red and the blue- our politics tried sifting through tides, binding the true- fighting for skies, the red and the blue- finding lies, white specs the lint in our shoes- buckling at the knees, our stars will shine through- the principals of freedom dyed in the blue. MKE 2-12-2012 Photograph: Fort McHenry
  • Freedom's Gate: for Our Soldiers

    The debt we owe our soldiers- to know honor and serve is their trust and reserve- they number the stars and watch from afar- as America is called to carry the weight of freedom's awesome slate- irrevocably through time's precious gate. MKE 11/10/2014 Photograph: Fort McHenry

The Fort

Fort McHenry is a sublime landscape consisting of shadows, hills, stones, bricks and wills~ Medium: poems and photographs.

  • The Fort

    Photograph Location: Fort McHenry
  • The Fort

    Photograph: Fort McHenry
  • The Fort

    Photograph: Fort McHenry
  • The Fort

    Photograph Location: Fort McHenry
  • The Fort

    Photograph Location: Fort McHenry
  • Another Round- for The US Navel Academy

    Another round, another draft as thunder pounds, another clash- sea further fine border where brass is the order- as winds pick up, we pass the cup. MKE 11/11/2013 Photography: Fort McHenry
  • Another Draft- for Westpoint

    Another round- another draft as thunder pounds, another clash- another order, another border as winds pick up- we hit rock. MKE 10/31/2013 Photograph: Fort McHenry
  • Oh Say

    Oh say can you see? The song I wrote on my knees- amongst blood, dust and death our flag passed the test. Beyond brave the point we did hold in morning's light bold- I wrote the star spangled- so it shall be told- your freedom is gold. MKE December 2013 Photograph- Fort McHenry Location: Fort McHenry
  • Holding Down the Fort

    Holding down the fort- I am filing heaven's report- locked tight in fine gold key- above steel sword see forward through time's doors- beyond these silver moments, still silent distant shores. MKE 10/30/2013 Photography: Fort McHenry

The Old Glass Houses

Directly after 9/11 ~ I learned about the exact fate of the "Old Glass Houses," directly from a shipwrecked engineer sailor who was placed in charge of the WTC investigation~ the engineer has since rebuilt the NY site with his special top secret concrete.


Africa wove its tapestry into my life a long time ago.
Medium: metal art, drawing, painting and poems~

  • African Mask

    Size: 24" x 36" Materials: Pencil on Vellum
  • King Proteus

    Size: 24" x 36" Materials: Pencil on Vellum
  • Africa Purse

    Size- 2' x3' Materials: paint, threads, nails, copper, wood
  • Rust

    Poem For: my Dad
  • Eight-Folded Path~ Africa's Dreamcatcher

    size: 24" x 36" material: pencil on vellum
  • The African Sun

    The African Sun: South Africa do not weep for me- as silent doves fly to the sea- over sacred waters I shall still tread with thee. Begin the trace of time for me- where began our stumbles, falls, hands and final stands to be free. MKE {written the day Nelson Mandela passed & faxed to Elie Wiesel on same day} Painting: 3ft x 4ft Materials: Mixed Metals-steel, brass, copper, threads, paint-


Jewel Box Paintings- Poems
I learned the most about Israel directly from Dr. Paul Mendes Flohr- the world's leading Martin Buber Scholar- Dr. Mendes Flohr teaches at Hebrew University and University of Chicago. I later met Dr. Elie Wiesel and learned from him whilst I learned Hebrew- a sacred tongue. I participate with the Jewish Congress and greatly value the learning and am proud of my effort respective to AIPAC.

The Song Run

"The Song Run-" For: Elie Wiesel
I presented Dr. Wiesel with a work of art at Temple Sinai in New Orleans- Dr. Wiesel then asked me a very serious and important question- the question is still very serious and very important.

The River

The River: I worked in the middle of a river for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week from April 1 until October 31- for ten years. I was up with the farmer's at the crack of dawn to see the sunrise over the river every morning- I bonded with the river. Obviously a very deep bond because it was very difficult (although I required rest) to be away from the river. The river came back to me and gave back to me- hence: The Lapis River.

  • Map- Lapis series

    size: 6"x8" material: aluminum, paint, wood
  • Map- from Lapis series

    size: 6" x 8" materials: aluminum, paint, wood, steel
  • Grace Cup- from Lapis series

    size: 6" x 8" material: paint, silver leaf, stainless steel, wood~
  • Lapis Detail

    size: 6"x8" material: lapis, stainless steel, paint, wood~
  • Infant Ground: poem/painting

    Poem: Breaking, falling, life withdrawing to a state beyond erase~ still, silent grace pours upon humility where salt keeps time with the sea's unseen, even pace~ streaming past my broken river dreams, laboring infant ground~ peace. MKE 2/26/12 Painting: size 4'x2' materials: paint, metal, goldleaf~
  • The Pound Nets

    Poem: The pound nets grey- set dark folds in the Bay, to empty~ fishermen drag back their catch: "open thebridge," they would say, clear the way- by moonlight I saw through the mist, silver skiffs covered with fish. MKE 2/13/2013 Painting: Size: 4ft x 2ft Material: paint, linen, sea glass, lapis
  • Metal Mazes: poem/painting

    Poem: Metal Mazes~ The river of stone cut to the bone- at the gate of metal mazes- here serendipity places- hold perfumed, the sea's graces. MKE 2/11/2013 Painting: Size: 4ft x 2ft Material: paint, stainless steel, sea glass, lapis, paint, linen, canvas, wood-
  • Saltation's Sain

    Poem: Be still the vane- knocked sideways for the rain-saltation's sane, rhyme the mast chimed- strung high through the night, bells lined silver and white, grey the pearl of morning's shivering light. MKE 2013 Painting: Size: 4ft x 2ft Materials: paint, linen, silk, metal, goldleaf, canvas, wood-
  • Lapis River

    Poem February 6, 2013
  • Lapis River- For Israel

    Size:large 8ft x 5ft Materials: lapis,paint, linen, silk, sea glass, mirrors, found metal objects, stones, silver leaf-


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