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Monster Drummer Thunderupagus

Monster Drummer Thunderupagus is an unlikely untenably metal-head drummer from another dimension. Thunderupagus is not cute; it is fierce, jamming on its sweet fifteen-piece monster drum kit.

Andrea Shearer is an accomplished musician with 4 album credits plus a bucket full of 7? and compilation releases. She is currently drumming with Pariah Piranha (Queer Control Records), and is a guest drummer for Brooklyn-based pop duo NA+AN. Pariah Piranha�s second album �Animus Unanimous� is in production.

Kristen Anchor is a Baltimore video artist and musician. Her goofy, political videos have screened all over the U.S. and appeared on several independent film compilations. She's the drummer for The Degenerettes, Baltimore�s all-girl underground garage group.

The Degenerettes

The Degenerettes are a queer art rock power trio from Baltimore, MD. The all-girl group, originally formed in a Baltimore basement in 2005, brings together three magnates of Baltimore's DIY art and music scenes. In addition to performing in rock clubs, warehouses, and galleries on the East Coast, The Degenerettes collaborate with The Miss America Puppet Show, and are among the subjects of Riot Acts, an indie doc on transgender musicians released in 2009.

Influenced by years on the garage rock, soul, roots, and punk rock scenes along with obsessive movie-watching, The Degenerettes' bass-driven jangly fuzz guitar sounds combine with Rahne Alexanderâ??s literary, often humorous songwriting, creating multiple narrative universesâ??from torrid mummy love affairs to teenybopper spies to Baltimore streets. They are the soundtrack of the Velvet Underground and the Runaways on a big gay double date at a midnight movie.


Kristen Anchor has worked as Director of Creative Alliance MovieMakers since 2001 - shortly after its inception - curating the screenings program and producing programs and workshops to support local filmmakers and the filmmaking community in Baltimore. CAmm currently presents approximately 40 screenings and 50 professional programs annually. Anchor is a frequent panelist, moderator curator, and presenter for film and video events and organizations, including: Maryland Film Festival, Experimental Television Center (Owego, NY), Morgan State University, Mix NYC, Art Institute of Portland, Hallwalls (Buffalo, NY), and MicroCineFest (Baltimore).

A few 2009 Shows:

â??â?¦and on this invention they show shows, right?â?

An exhibition of Baltimore media artists
April 3- 14, 2009

Electronic Arts Gallery, Salisbury University
Curated by Preston Poe & Kristen Anchor

Artists: aminibigcircus, Kelley Bell, Pierre Bennu, Ann Everton, Nick Prevas, Jimmy Joe Roche, Morgan Showalter, Snacks, Phil Davis, and Kristen Anchor

Video Exhibition
Feb 17 â?? Mar 22

Exhibit Opening: THE END of Analog Party
Tue Feb 17, 2009
Doors 8pm, Show 9pm
$6. Light snacks. Cash bar.

w/ bands: Lo Moda, Plans Plans, and Edie Sedgwick

VJs: Joe Reinsel, Chris LaMartina, and Guy Werner

Exhibiting Video Artists: Vin Grabill, Atomic TV, Phil Davis, Kristen Anchor, and Preston Poe

Metro Gallery
1700 N Charles St

Video Art

Video artist Kristen Anchor works with heavily processed found footage. Her work is as goofy as it is political.


Butch, is a triptych of three looping videos, each featuring a still portrait of a male professional athlete who is crying animated tears. His image is superimposed on a live-action video of amateurs playing his sport.

Tennis is a notoriously weepy sport. But still, this moment brought up a lot of questions for me. I cry more about sports than anything else. Why? Vicarious living? Idealized moments of human triumph and failure? The imperfect working of mind and body? Winning big and losing hard? And then, larger questions emerge: When is it culturally acceptable for a man to cry in public? If crying is a show of weakness (therefore anti-macho), then we have an interesting contradiction here: One of the only times we see men publicly crying is in professional sports, perhaps the most male-dominated profession in what still is arguably a very male-dominated society.

On the individual level, a psychological explanation seems clear: a release of emotion right after an exhausting physical struggle in an emotionally heightened event, one moment in time for which the athlete has spent years, maybe decades preparing. On a social level, it is such a common occurrence that it suggests that contradictions thrive in the social construction of gender.

You Are What You Eat (Installation)

You Are What You Eat, is an animation of rotoscoped kitchen disaster scenes, the sources of which are Hollywood films, projected in a continuous frieze on three walls.

The hearth is the heart of the home. If that's true, then it follows that the kitchen would be a site fraught with tension. It can be a place of warmth and comfort, but also present are all of the pressures of the home—from family conflict to cultural contradictions to anxieties. These tensions haunt the kitchen. The kitchen, as a site in movies, represents the social, psychological, and interpersonal tension of the time.

Through the drawing process, I stripped away much of the set, keeping the characters, the objects they directly interact with, and one or two appliances and/or windows. I use rough, almost abstract outlines. This approach has an equalizing effect. The characters are androgynous and look alike, and the kitchens are generic. This is no-kitchen and every-kitchen.


Animation and sound design by Kristen Anchor, performed by Kristen Anchor and Andrea Shearer

You Are What You Eat is a rotoscoped animation of kitchen disaster scenes, the sourced from Hollywood films. Using studio foley sound techniques, fruit, kitchen appliances, and modified objects create the soundscape to the animation -- live and visible, in front of the audience.

C U Next Tuesday

Music Video, Saddle of Centaur

From the split 7" on Discuss & Disregard Records available at
Camera: Drew Szala
Edit: Kristen Anchor
Produced by: Frank Burkett
Thanks to Dan Mummert!


About Kristen

Kristen Anchor is an audio visual artist and a musician. Her work has screened at film festivals, events, and galleries throughout the U.S. Anchor plays drums for Baltimore?s all-girl lofi art pop band The Degenerettes, and is the creator of the out of this world performance duo Monster Drummer... more

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