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Work Samples

017 6-6 monarchconservatory.jpg

Baltimore,Druid Hill Park,Rawlings Conservatory,Monarch,Encaustic
Monarch Rising Over Rawlings Conservatory Encaustic on wood 6"x6" Part of the 'Baltimore, Eros and Uprising 'show to benefit after school programming for Baltimore youth.

007 6-6 rosy-bird.JPG

Soar Encaustic on Wood 8"x8" Part of 'Flights Of Fancy' an ongoing series of images depicting the human fantasy of flight.

002 6-6 dandelion.JPG

Make A Wish Encaustic on Wood 8"x8" From 'Savor' a continuing series of ephemeral moments preserved in wax.

051 sprinkles.JPG

Soft Serve, Side Eye with Extra Sprinkles From the 'Devour" series. This is a summer street scene of a glance, (again working on the idea of a captured moment). The soft serve is in a Bromo Seltzer Tower Cone. The image is intended to be a quirky depiction of Baltimore summer city life.


About Kirsten

Baltimore City - Highlandtown A&E District

 My work is inspired by the ephemeral. Consistently, even in different media, the exploration remains the idea of preserving a moment of beauty within the constant buzz of  the passage of time. Each work is an attempt to memorialize a particular moment.  The style is rendered in a sort of flawed abstraction to suggest the ravages of a memory over time. These time capsules are records of real moments that have served as inspiration. Frequently real architecture is a character in the... more


These are some of the first works created using the encaustic process. This is the beginning of a total shift in medium. The next series of works tell a story of a journey as an artist through ceramics and onto mixed media works. Even more recently, I have added aerial movement and large-scale watercolors. The journey has always included a fascination with the opportunity art provides to memorialize a moment in time.

Curiosities to Curiosity Cabinets.

This series of works tells the story of the journey from functional pottery, onto "Curiosity Cabinets" and, finally encaustic painting work.
As a functional potter, my work was published twice and I became a member of The Potter's Guild of Baltimore. This is my story of artistic evolution.

  • Tiki Tray

    Inspired by 1950's nostalgia.
  • Tropical leaf bowl

    Functional work inspired by 1950's Tiki trend.
  • Primus Bacio

    The first kiss. Embedded in the encaustic medium are a vintage text definition of latex and a retro ad for ex-ray specs.
  • Morto Dolce

    Religion, angels, poison mushrooms and drops of encaustic 'blood' weave a fairytale memory.
  • Morto Dolce

    Detail of encaustic.
  • Morto dolce

    A patina of age on the old fairytale.
  • Fratello Fungi

    Humor and danger in innocent figure with poison mushrooms.
  • Macellaria Di Innocenti

    The end of innocence. In a spring thaw this boy prepares to make this lamb his dinner.
  • Rispardo in Cintura

    A real childhood souvenir.
  • Rispardo in Cintura

    Lashed splash. Hanging on to childhood is much like preserving a splash.


The materials include: Recycled Paperclay, encaustic paint, lampwork glass and found objects.
This is the first Curiosus. I made this in 2012-13. Previous to this my artwork was typically functional pottery. In the past I have experimented with many ways to explore clay in a way that challenges the user to recognize pottery as art.
City living makes function and space a palpable premium. Baltimore City has many wall space opportunities for an artist. These necessities have led to multiple inventions of putting claywork on a wall. Over time, this led to the invention of my wall art series.
When I first conceived of this new direction for my work it was necessary to learn several techniques in order to achieve my vision. First online research on the formulations for paperclay. Many experiments were involved in creating a glaze that would appear to be lichen; membership in The Potter's Guild of Baltimore was a resource for glaze chemistry. I then attended a lampwork glassmaking class at CCBC. Finally a workshop on encaustic painting at School 33.
This first piece is a Curiosity Cabinet that holds a memory. The staggering beauty of a walk in the woods in Winter is most stunning because it is so transient-ultimately mortal. Lampwork glass icicles and red berries coated in 'ice' are also made of glass-impossible souvenirs from nature. Bones and shells are beautiful, but also reminders of mortality.
In the last four photos are of older works that demonstrate some of the permutations and ideas that developed into Curiosus.

  • Raindrops Chalice

    a single lampwork raindrop.
  • Raindrops Chalice 2011

    This is a large (14"x14"x14") pedestal serving piece. The lampwork glass raindrops and rippling interior surface represent raindrops falling on water. In this earlier work the idea of preserving a moment is illustrated.
  • Cherry Blossom Sugar and Creamer 2011

    In these earlier functional clay works natural imagery was prominent.
  • Cherry Blossom Teapot 2011

    This teapot was published in Lark Book's 2013 500 Teapots. This is an example of the work I established prior to the Curiosus works.
  • Arboris Inverno

    The first Curiosus. This is a curiosity cabinet of a collection from a walk in the woods. glaze was formulated to appear like lichen and frost. Lampwork glass icicles and berries represent tokens that are perishable. The bones and teeth are reminiscent of mortality. The viewer can see the stark beauty and appreciate the quiet morbidity of a forest in winter.
  • detail Arboris Inverno

    This window of the cabinet contains a clay acorn and leaf, a real deer jawbone, a lampwork glass berry and a found porcelain owl. The found objects are from local flea markets, they are 'recycled' and are a nod to the kitschy humor of Baltimore. The paper that the paperclay is formulated from is another kind of recycling-it comes from office shredders.
  • Detail Arboris Inverno

    A handbuilt clay pinecone wears a light layer of glaze frost.
  • Detail view of Arboris Inverno

    This detail illustrates the texture of the lichen and frost glazes. A lampwork glass icicle hangs in the cabinet window. It was necessary to learn to make lampwork glass in order to include the icicles which are a recurring part of my visual lexicon of impossible souvenirs.

Uprising, Eros and Baltimore

This was a very special series of encaustic paintings that were created for a solo show at Roman's Place immediately after the uprising. My attempt was to express pride, love, and hope for our city. Natural images and local icons are juxtaposed to invoke a sense of rebirth or new life. I was very proud to have sold nearly the entire collection. 100% of the proceeds from this project were donated to Baltimore youth services.

Sit For Tea

A solo show at The Creative Alliance 2016
This show spanned four seasons and described ephemeral moments of experience from each part of the year. Ceramics, mixed media works, and encaustic works were included in this show. Photos of the encaustic paintings from 'Sit For Tea' are included in this project.

  • 036 serena2.jpg

    Queen Bee Encaustic on Wood 4"x4" A Strawberry Crowned Portrait and the shadow of a bee preside over pollination.
  • 031 pagoda2.jpg

    The Way Back Up Encaustic on Wood 6"x6" The view back up Patterson Park Pagoda sledding hill in a snowstorm.
  • 029 ouija.jpg

    Spring Promises the Future Encaustic on Wood 6"x6"
  • 035 serena1.jpg

    Siren of Summer Encaustic on wood 8"x8" A fairy queen releases the warmth of summer solstice.
  • 019 conservatory.jpg

    Conservatory Conifers in Winter Encaustic on wood 6"x6"
  • 020 domino.jpg

    baltimore,domino,inner harbor,harbor,dominosugar,encaustic,summer,strawberry
    Strawberry Moon Encaustic 6"x6" Inner Harbor Summer Evening
  • 023 howard bridge.jpg

    A Bridge to Somewhere Wonderful Encaustic on wood 4"x4" Reflecting on a view over Howard Street Bridge
  • 040 swimmer.jpg

    Catch A Wave Encaustic on Wood 12"x12" A child rides through the tube of a wave.


Devour was a solo show hosted by Charmed Life Art Gallery. The work is a tongue in cheek exploration of food. This figure draped over rowhouses represents the feeling of humidity in the air on a hot Summer's night.

  • 043 tomato.JPG

    Tomato Soup Summer Night Encaustic on Wood 6"x6" Humid Summer drapes herself across Baltimore rowhomes
  • 042 6-6 pagoda.JPG

    Softshell Pagoda Encaustic on Wood 6"x6"
  • 044 eggplant.JPG

    Eggplant Supper Encaustic on wood 6"x6"
  • 045 lemon.JPG

    Make Lemonade Encaustic on wood 4"x4"
  • 048 mouth bee.JPG

    Devour Encaustic on wood 6"x6" Woman swallows live bee
  • 049 crab.JPG

    Lobster Bisque Constellation Encaustic on wood 6"x6"
  • 046 cherries.JPG

    Fresh Cherries Encaustic on wood 4"x4"
  • 047 ouija.JPG

    Future on the Half Shell Encaustic on wood 6"x6"
  • 052 apple.JPG

    Original Apple Pie Encaustic on wood 8"x8"
  • 051 sprinkles.JPG

    Soft Serve,Side Eye and Extra Sprinkles Encaustic on wood 6"x6" Street scene captures whimsy and attitude of the Baltimore summer maiden.

Flights of Fancy

"The moment you doubt you can fly you cease forever to be able to do it." J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan.

This series is about the human fantasy of flight and fascination with creatures that fly.


This series is the continued exploration into capturing the ephemeral moment, preserving a memory. Art used as a curiosity cabinet or a journal of life experience.

Art of Aerials

The Aerial series are large watercolors painted using an aerial hammock. This series literally captures movement in the mark making process. On a larger scale and in an abstract manner these paintings also express the ephemeral.
Here again the medium may change but echoes of the same ideas remain. Nostalgia, nature, memory and the idea of making a memorial of a transient moment.