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DOJ. Perjury. Mardi Gras.  Floats.
"Perjury" 2018 Mardi Gras Float Construction. Lights. Ready-made police car

Secretary of Education

Secretary of Education.  Mardi Gras. Floats. Installation.  Kinetic Sculpture
"Secretary of Education". 2018 Mardi Gras Float Construction. "History of the Modern World" school textbooks shot with assault rifles, marker, paper, lighting.


Pissed.  Mardi Gras. Floats. Installation.  Kinetic Sculpture
"Pissed" 2018 Mardi Gras float construction. Interactive environment using microprocessor, vibrating table.

Communication Commission

Installation. Multi disciplinary. Video.
"Communications Commission" 2018 Mardi Gras float construction. Hydraulic pump system. Wooden levers


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Baltimore City

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Growing up in the presence of Mardi Gras, and later working as a float artist has greatly influenced these installation’s aesthetics and form.  The themes revolve around figures who use the Carnivalesque to overthrow power structures and societal norms in an effort to preserve a dominant power dynamic.  These gestures are directly related to the original inspirations of the Carnivalesque found in Mardi Gras’s inception, which was a defiance to occupying Union forces in the city of Mobile,... more

Secretary of Education

Secretary of Education is an extension in my interest in a crank/shaft mechanism, and the figurative possibilites that arise out of the dueling cam sytem. As a former teacher, I have a strong connection to public education and the ways that service is being manipulated. The installation uses sculpted and actual books that have been shot with assault rifles and shotguns in a reference to school shootings and a gesture toward the figure bobbeling a stack. This element of trompe l'oil is an newly recongnized element in my work that has me searching for a meaning.


"Pissed" is an interactive installation that is activated by the presence of the spectator once they decide to participate. The concept of the kinetic and how it allows the viewer to occupy the form is explored through sensor activated mechanisms. Paintings in the installation explore the intoxicating effects of the carnival through inclusive act of wearing a mask to obscure one's identity.

Projected Carnival

"Projected Carnival" is a video installation that uses the documentation from my body of kinetic float installations, and their destruction footage, to question the projected places of power held by those currently using the Carnivalesque to gain and hold power.

Communications Commission

"Communications Commission" is a kinetic installation that uses a hydraulic pump system to animate the sculpture of a figure driving a Barbi Ferrari. The combination of burned float skirting, and the alluminum dubloons used at Mardi Gras are in a dialog that sets the stage for the spectator to kneel at the sculpture to activate it.

The Burning of "Secretary of Education"

The ephemeral quality of the Mardi Gras spectacle comes from the brief, passing quality of the experience. The floats are only viewed by any spectator for a few minutes before it is gone forever. The idea limiting their existence, and creating a tangible amount of time they were available led me to burn "Secretary of Education".

The Burning of "Pissed"

Part of the spectacle of the parade, and of the Mardi Gras float is the fleeting, ephemeral quality of its lifespan. It is only seen for a brief moment, and then it's gone. As a means of completing that cycle of a float's life, I perform a burning that acts a way of destroying the iconography so that new growth can occur.

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