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About Taha

Born in 25 February 1986 Tehran - Iran, Education: 2014 MFA in painting, Maryland Institute college of Art, Baltimore 2005-2010 BFA in Painting, Art University of Tehran 2002-2005 Diploma in painting, School of the Visual Arts, Tehran

Few steps away

Standing few steps away from TV, given the speed of light, it takes about billionths of a second for the retina to receive the image. The animated images that I see are usually broadcast on TV at 25 frames per second. Mind-boggling traffic! I was thinking of Image verses objects and the relationship between two dimensional surface and three dimensional objects.

See something, Say somthing

I follow the news every single day, sorting through the proliferation of images from news websites and social networks like Facebook. The result is an archive of screenshots and images compiled from Middle Eastern conflicts, the streets of Tehran, newspapers headlines, and even footage from World War II.

Through this conflation of content and source, I feel that the media is “under surveillance” in my studio. These acts provide the possibility of investigating the role of images. In particular, I am concerned with understanding the way that images are propagated through mass media, the power that they come to have and their tremendous effects.

in this series, I am interested in the aesthetic aspects of errors and glitches as a form of disruption which can trigger critical ideas about visual perception. The malfunction causes me to question the process of perception and how do we consume images.

  • Watch Us

    2014, Acrylic on board (wood)45 x 47 inch
  • On Stage

    Acrylic and oil on board (wood) 47 x 47 inch, 2015
  • Tetris

    2015, Acrylic on Board (wood) 44 x 44 Inches
  • See something say something

    2015, Acrylic on board (wood) 47 x 47.4
  • GTA

    Acrylic on board (wood) 45.6 x 47 inch, 2015
  • Doom II

    Acrylic on board (wood) 47.4 x 48 inch, 2014
  • Mountains

    2014, 45x45 inch, Acrylic on panel

Dark Chamber

In this series, I question the surface, where it violently and victoriously cuts the territory of reality and wages war against the validity of whatever is supposed to be real. The images simultaneously advance and recede, a friction of sight which doubts the integrity of the layered material and its relation to the image that is presented by the surface as a whole.

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