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About Robert

Baltimore County
Robert Bowie Jr. made his professional theater debut at FringeNYC 2018 with Onaje . Previously, ten of his plays were performed in at  The Baltimore Playwrights Festival, including a previous version of Naked House Painting Society and Crash & Burn P.A., which was selected for performance at Theatrical Mining Company.
A resident of Maryland since 1975, Bowie is the founder of Bowie & Jensen law firm in Towson, Maryland. Since retiring in 2013, he… more

Rat Boy: The Hero of the Universe

Human beings have killed half a million of our own kind, and no one is at fault. Or are they?   

At a dive bar in the middle of a pandemic, masks are optional but politics and religion are strictly forbidden. The humans offer a free one-day hunting license after your third Singapore Sling, pellet gun after six, your own hand gun after dark. If there's nothing in the alley, they'll release the rats they keep above the bar.

Humans call it hunting. Rats have always known it’s blind dominance. They’ve watched human beings destroy the climate, the oceans, and each other.

But rats have a long history with pandemics. Years ago, they decimated humans and this time, they intend to finish the job—wipe out the human race.  

The Future of the World in 20 Minutes

After failing to wipe out humanity centuries ago, Rats finally have another opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the Rat who has been designated to start the final extinction event is feeling depressed and uncertain. Will he be able to pull it off? 

The Naked House Painting Society

Ten years ago, Michael, Brendan, Andrea, and Carol spent the summer painting houses naked in Martha’s Vineyard and falling in love with one another’s partners. On their last day, hearts are broken, partners are switched, and each couple pursues a different life. Now, they’re reunited at the last house they painted, with the consequences of their choices lingering beneath their attempts to catch up. This is the story of sex between star-crossed lovers, a husband who will risk everything in an effort to win back the love of his wife and about a woman imprisoned by the residue of love that will not die.

The Grace of God and The Man Machine

In The Grace of God & The Man Machine, an eccentric hitchhiker is picked up by a headstrong cowboy and spirited waitress, only to discover they are all inextricably linked by the past. The Grace of God & The Man Machine is about buried secrets, redemption, and the long journey from racism to the seed of a hopeful future. Set in two worlds — against the backdrop of the burning city of Cambridge during Maryland’s race riots of 1967, and the American open road of the 1980s — The Grace of God & The Man Machine explores the fallout of racial violence, ultimately finding humanity, and hope.

The Alchemy

Set in a playwriting class for senior citizens, The Alchemy chronicles what happens when the widow of a former Greek professor uses improvisation to write a play in response to losing the love of her life. Hilarity ensues when she and the other members of the class (much to the chagrin of their young administrator) write a satirical adaptation of the story of Eos and Tithonus.