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About Nick

Born New Britain, CT. Works and lives in Baltimore.


Inspired by my experiences as an educator and fabricator, my studio practice embodies a preoccupation with how and where form is imbued with meaning. Presently, construction materials, building principles, and the contrasting effect between degradation and “new-ness” are examined in my sculptures through a lens of formalism and material. Invoking elements of structure and functionality, my artworks are deliberately ambiguous but not ambivalent to the their associations within the built environment. Equipped with a visual language of design, an industrial color palette, minimalism, and geometry, I create artworks that reflect the contrasting effect of urban revival and decay within the Baltimore - Washinton DC metropolitan area.

Continuing in a tradition of minimalism typified by Serra, Andre, or LeWitt, but with a greater interest in socio-political implications and the material experimentation of artists such as Eva Hesse, the forms and materials I use reflect current industry standards through their prefabricated appearance, color intensity, and accessibility to average consumers. As a result they convey the inherent meaning of the mental objects they represent in an urban contemporary context, and build upon formal narratives created by artists such as Thea Djordjadze, Rachel Harrison, and Isa Gengken.

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Current Sculpture

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