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Custome Framed SMF Print.jpg

Stagecoach Mary Fields print
Print of an original drawing with customized frame made of kente cloth, ceramic tiles, mirrors, and metal


Partlow Art, Partlow-Myrick, pencil, graphite
Pencil on velum

Nappy Buddha2.png

mixed media relief
Mixed media relief


Collage on paper
Collage on paper


About L. Nef'fahtiti

Baltimore County

My artworks are narratives inspired by Spirit, magic, nature, the marriage of images and words, the indigenous African American experience, and reverence for life. I love drawing real and imagined people who are magical, mythical, extra ordinary—whose lives are stories we have never heard before. White space and faded lines represent those things we can see and will never know about others. The monochromatic shading engages the humanity and sacredness of a being as the point of entry to relationship... more

2020 BLM Retrospective

The central piece of this project is an avatar of mitochondrial Eve, the first mother of all humankind. While weaving glass beads, copper wiring, and canvas patches around her rattan wicker body, I wondered about Eve’s first birthing experience. How did she know what to do, when to push, how to nurse? I imagine Mother Earth was her midwife, and they forged a bond. They made an agreement. Mother Earth would always support Eve’s labor and provide everything her children needed to live, grow, and thrive. In return, Eve would teach her children to care for Mother Earth’s offspring—her sweet waters and salt waters, the land, air, trees, flora and fauna—everything here. For millennia, Eve’s progeny honored that bond until some of her children forgot: we share a common ancestor whose blood, melanin, and molecules are in our DNA. We share a common home. Surely, Mother Earth feels her sister’s pain, symbolized by the ceramic hand at the base holding teardrops. This avatar begs us to remember. When we look at the smiling faces and names around her body, as well as the other crystal cluster pieces that compose this project, perhaps we will recall not only the tragic stories of their murders in 2020, but the sacredness of human life and the mothers’ sacred bond.

Artbooks & Journals

I love books.   Always have.  I love how they smell and feel, their different textures and sizes, the way they weigh in my hands and lap, and the foreplay of their pages against my fingertips.  I love the personality of their Titles  and  colorful covers and even their solid-colored covers with no text—that’s so sexy. And how their inner parts get laid, overlaid, blocked,  flushed, and  s           t           r           e           w           n   across the territory of pages for readers’ consumption.  The more delicious the content, the better.                 
I love making books, too, in all sizes, shapes using all kinds of materials.  It’s a high form of meditation that centers me completely in the present, in that holy state of “no mind” where thoughts yield to pure creative impulses.  That’s where all the magic happens.  That’s where the art gets made.
“The love is in the details,” as Oprah says.  It’s in every piece of paper, every color, word, font, visual, and appliqué I use.  It’s in every stitch of the spine, every layer of glue, and each meticulously measured and cut cover board.  Being a visual artist, writer, and publication designer, I overstand how every element contributes to the whole.  It’s a fine, intricate, communal art form.
I’ve found bookmaking to be the perfect medium for channeling my visual­literary passions simultaneously.  I may start out with an idea for one kind of book, but the finished piece is always a surprise.  All I have to do is trust my creative process implicitly and not be attached to outcomes. Forget about making perfect art.  It’s all about showing up on the page and keeping the exchange between artist and audience real, from the heart.  And if the work touches people even a little bit, then that’s cool, too. Ache!

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