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Fireflies 48x48.jpg

The first of the Oneness series. No edges, every element flows into every other creating a unified whole.

Reflection 30x26.jpg

A minimalist expression of the lights of Cambridge, Md. reflected on the Choptank River.

Moonrise 48x48.jpg

An expression of the flow and movement of the Onesss

Meditation 42x30.jpg

Grand Prize winning painting for Plein Air Easton.


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John Brandon Sills received his BA in Fine Art at Towson State University in 1984, during which time he spent a semester in Florence, Italy studying Renaissance art. After graduating, John attended the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore, spending four years studying Classical Realism. John's paintings are in numerous collections in the United States as well as collections in Canada, England, France, Jamaica, Grand Cayman B.W.I. and Australia. He has won many awards including the People... more

Oneness is Truth

Beginning in 2011 I have created a series of works dedicated to the "spiritual" truth that all things are one thing. It is a concept drawn from the meditative experience of Onesss is the only truth, all that is observable is one energy manifested in an infinte multiplicity of form.

All of the paintings created have had all elements, such as edges, which would create the illusion of seperation either diminished or removed.
Those who are locked into the illusion of the physical describe the pieces as "misty or foggy". This is inaccurate. These paintings do not depict a physical phenomenon, rather they express a Spiritual reality.

I do not paint light falling on things.....I paint the Light that Became Things.

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