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Trouble With Our Credit

Trouble With Our Credit
We blame the time when we thought confidently that our future was taken care of. We now disagree with each other so quickly. Together we are no longer sure of our love and wake everyday to watch TV to only get angry-er. ~ ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 8" x 10", 2014

Texting #6

Texting #6
Texting #6 ~ Unfortunately it became greater then we expected it to be. ~ ~ Mixed media on wood panel, 12" x 16" ~ 2018

Texting #3

Texting #3
I hope Johnny can make it for a soda. ~ ~ Mixed Media on wood panel, 12" x 16" ~ 2018


We can no longer consider the fact that we have paid for the quality of something, when what it takes is the will and creativity to achieve. ~ ~ Mixed media on wood panel, 8" x 10" ~ 2017


About Jeremy

Baltimore City

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“My ideas come from a extreme sense of inner spiritual connectedness and mindfulness of global dilemmas - war, consumerism, politics, religion, family disorder and the inevitability of death.” Paintings are what I call a "channel".  The art is created in a meditative state where spirit / soul intervine with creation and wisdom.  With this transference, my images create themselves, speaking their unique language. ~ They are excited to be seen! Crawford was born and raised in Vermont where... more

First Impressions

A continuation from the We Are Gone series. Taking the concept of memory a step further, this work is based from first impressions. Strangers you have pass on the street, someone you've met once at a party or your favorite cashier at the grocery store. People who come back into your mind for various reasons and whom have made you think of their life for that split second, visions that stay with you but quickly fade away.

  • Best Hairdresser In Town

    Best HAIR DRESSER IN TOWN ~ Who's battle is it?
    This degree of uncertain shame and belittling will get you nowhere. Find the light within your reason and shine bright my little star. ~ ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 9" x 12", 2014
  • Mr. Cancer

    Mr. Cancer
    No matter how he thinks, the problems keep getting worse. He will never be a victim but refuses the thought that maybe there could be a greater force that is the real reason for his being neglected. The forecast for his upcoming trip is dark and cloudy. Suddenly he realizes there is no milk. Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 8" x 10", 2014
  • Bandit Twins

    Bandit Twins
    It was as if she could no longer reason. Everything that I said was received as an insult on her intelligence. Then her body jumped over me and shoved my face in the dirt. I will always love her. ~ ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 8" x 10", 2014
  • Trouble With Our Credit

    Trouble With Our Credit
    We blame the time when we thought confidently that our future was taken care of. We now disagree with each other so quickly. Together we are no longer sure of our love and wake everyday to watch TV to only get angry-er. ~ ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 8" x 10", 2014
  • KFC's Bro

    KFC's Bro
    I finally found out the real reason why you have been lying to me. After so many years, I have to wonder how I put up with you. You broke my heart. ~ ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 9" x 12", 2014
  • Talk the Talk

    Talk The Talk
    It doesn't matter that I will not comprimise on what it is we are doing. We will assume that I am right and when something that dissagrees with me comes our way, I will be a pain in your ass. ~ ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 8" x 10", 2014
  • Iron Head

    Iron Head
    I want the cans not the bottles. When do we get the new ones? How come that smell doesn't go away? When can we fix the plumbing? ~ ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 8" x 10", 2014
  • Poolside Shopping

    Poolside Shopping
    My identity needs to become THAT in time for next week's Gala. I wonder how I will feel when I receive the package. My thoughts of that day will excite me enough to get me through. Thank God.~ ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 8" x 10", 2014
  • Pleasantly Perfect

    Pleasantly Perfect
    What will happen when the pain becomes real again? ~ ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 9" x 12", 2014
  • New Watch

    New Watch
    I spent so much time worring if I had selected the right one. Meanwhile ~ the kids got into the garbage again and said that the rabbit had gotten out. ~ ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 8" x 10", 2014

We Are Gone

My paintings have always explored the boundaries of representation. With this new work, I have carefully stripped away the paint to suggest a sense of faded remembrance. This sense stems from the phenomenon that occurs when we close our eyes and try to picture the face of someone. Although we have no problems recognizing people, it's impossible to pull up mental images of their faces. Instead, we come up with blurred features and mannerisms or incidents that stuck in our minds, forever linked to these people-the way a person's hair looks after wearing a hat all day, or the grease smears on someone's face during a meal enjoyed with gusto. After creating each painting, I used sandpaper and water to wash out certain features, mirroring the erosion that takes place in our memories over time.

The subjects often approach an abstract impressionism based on real individuals or actual photographs. The washed paint allows the viewer to start to imagine possible scenarios based on the figures' emotions and physical interactions. When I began many of these paintings, I had no idea who the subjects were. As I worked, each painting began to develop a personality and become someone that I knew or had seen. The same idiosyncrasies that we dredge up when trying to recall someone's face emerge in the paintings, and led me to the identity of their subjects. Although the majority of the paintings are based on people, some are personifications of abstract concepts, such as death and love.

Paintings were shown at The Metro Gallery March 22, - April 31, 2012

  • Polaroid With Jesus

     Polaroid With Jesus
    One of the happiest days of my life. We ate BBQ chips and sang that Tom Waits song that you love. ~ ~ 48" x 48", Acrylic on canvas, 2012
  • SPIT

    Anger transforms into revenge. Revenge tranforms into sadness. ~ ~ 24" x 32", Acrylic on panel, 2012
  • Savage Grace

    Savage Grace
    It's hard work portraying someone so dirty and discusting. ~ ~ 9 1/2" x 12 1/4", Acrylic on canvas, 2012
  • The Journey

    The Journey
    I will get there some day and that day is today!! 24" x 31", Acrylic on panel, 2012
  • Emily

    She is scared that people will find out. ~ ~ 10" x 14, Acrylic on canvas, 2012
  • Hospice

    Other people's idea of fun. ~ ~ 48" x 54", Acrylic on canvas, 2012
  • Mayan Collector

    Mayan Collector
    All the many things that I adore will only hold me back in the end. My continual grasping will weigh my soul from transcending. When I die, I will fear that my cell phone is not within reach or that the battery is not fully charged. ~ ~ 24" x 32", Acrylic on panel, 2012
  • Joan

    She remembered that moment when she finally realized that dream of yesterday was no longer gone. ~ ~ 7" x 9 3/4", Acrylic on canvas, 2012
  • Many Mothers

    Many Mothers
    All at once she appeared again and again. Shewill always ask me ~ how long it takes to boil and egg. ~ ~ 39" x 53", Acrylic on canvas, 2012
  • Spock Raili

    Spock Raili
    It is not anger that makes me mean. ~ ~ 24" x 32", Acrylic on panel, 2012

Found Photos

This series began after finding a box of old water damaged photos at a flea market. The images were destroyed in such a way that they took on a unique beauty. It got me thinking further about our memories and how these photos once were cherished but then someone was saddened with the discovery of their destruction.

With this I wanted to mirror the erosion into collage pieces that started by finding head to toe images from vintage Life Magazines, mostly from the 50's and 60's. Then the fun part began by using paint in various ways; dripping, wiping, blowing, sanding, using dirty brush water, my fingers, etc., to mimic this disintegrated look.

Their are over 80 pieces in the series with varying sizes. I am currently planning a show of this work to be in Baltimore, 2014.

  • Housewife

    Exhausted from the mundane time that has been given to repetitive tasks and projects of no real value or concern. She is dreaming of Tinsletown but is fearful of the culture, especially now with all of this. ~ ~ Mixed media on panel, 6" x 9", 2012
  • Party Girl

    The outfit fell flat on her face. ~ ~ Mixed media on panel, 6" x 9", 2012
  • Four Jackies

    Four Jackies
    There is still money to be made here. ~ ~ Mixed media on wood, 9" x 11.5", 2012
  • Vacationers

    We discovered so many new things about ourselves. I hate to go home. ~ ~ Mixed media on panel, 3" x 4", 2012
  • The Procrastinator

    The Procrastinator
    Someday I will find it. If only that someday it will come. ~ ~ Mixed Media on panel, 6.5" x 15", 2012
  • Astronauts

    We are so happy to be able to walk on earth again. We missed you so much!! ~ ~ Mixed media on panel, 12" x 15", 2012
  • Buzzy

    I stand in my own truth. ~ ~ Mixed media on panel, 12" x 15", 2012
  • Nutritionist

    Milk is actually bad for you. ~ ~ Mixed media on panel, 3.5" x 5.5", 2012.
  • Gentleman

    I am cuirous about you? What do you do? Where do you live? Do you live alone? ~ ~ Mixed media on panel, 6.5" x 15", 2012
  • Churchill

    Nothing will stop me! No one likes me.~~ Mixed media on panel, 3" x 4", 2012

Art Therapy, It's Not About You

Art Therapy: It's Not About You, was a piece combining performance and installation
which was exhibited during Artscape, 2010. The installation consisted of an office that
included a vintage therapist's couch and 65 portraits that I painted, which lined the walls.

The portraits served the purpose of provoking a sense of alienation in order to encourage the patients to engage in introspection so that they could identify and voice their personal thoughts and emotions.

My role as therapist differed with each individual patient. In some sessions, patients
would trust me enough to divulge their deepest, most personal thoughts while in other
sessions, the patients simply relaxed as I guided them through a meditative journey
through the psychology of the work.

The overall experience of the piece was thrilling for both the patients and me. The piece
resulted in the patients and I sharing a sense of relief and happiness.

As the individual interactions of the therapist and the patients enable the piece to easily
adapt to varying environments, I feel that Art Therapy: It's Not About You would be at
home in a variety of venues, from a museum to a sidewalk in Japan.


Greed, gluttony and corporate identity are all disturbing characteristics that I feel compelled to incorporate into my work. I illustrate the idea that it's not necessarily advantageous to have that corner office, eat that extra dessert or even run the country.

The painting backgrounds are collage with found/hand clipped numbers mostly from supermarket flyers.

  • Martha

    Mixed media on found wood, 25" x 36", 2005
  • CEO

    Mixed media on wood, 20" x 36", 2005 Collection of Edward Ericson Baltimore MD
  • Producer

    Mixed media on wood, 2005 13" x 18" Collection of Jennifer Marsh, Baltimore, MD.
  • Korean Militant

    Mixed media on wood, 2006 20.5" x 23"
  • Politician

    Mixed media on wood, 2005, 19" x 38",
  • Tourist

    Mixed media on wood, 12" x 15", 2005
  • Anarchist

    Mixed media on canvas, 2005, 18" x 34",
  • Corporate Youth

    Mixed media on wood 11" x 14", 2005 Collection Drury Bynum, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Big Boss

    Mixed media on canvas 32" x 46", 2005
  • Blue Cowboy

    Mixed media on wood, 18.5" x 28.5", 2006

Internal Worlds

At the heart of this work lies an energetic state of being. My ideas come from a strong sense of inner consciousness combined with a personal commentary on many of the earth's dilemmas whether it be war, consumerism, politics, religion, family or death. With these concepts I further incorporate psychological figurative portraits into abstract color fields of polka dots, paint drips, vintage ephemera, landscapes and numbers.

"Jeremy's recent paintings are a satisfying slap in the face of convention. His style of portraiture is loud, vibrant, beautiful and speaks with a voice entirely his own".--Justin Allen, What Weekly.

  • My Baby Out There

    My Baby Out There
    The beauty of a pregnant woman, filled with hope and worry. ~ ~ Mixed media on wood panels, 48" x 72", 2010
  • The Religion

    The Religion
    Devotion and spirit will take you through to the other side!! ~~ Acrylic, spray paint and vintage wallpaper on panel, 24" x 30.5", 2010
  • My Mother's Eyes

    My Mother's Eyes
    Good times and bad, we can never escape each other. ~ ~ 47" x 48", Mixed media on plywood , 2010
  • Sun Inside

    Sun Inside
    Double Gemini then, quintuple now. ~ ~ Acrylic, spray paint, vintage ephemera and wallpaper on wood, 48" x 72", 2010
  • Van Gogh Self

    Van Gogh Self
    Me and Gogh go way back! ~ ~ 24" x 36", mixed media on panel, 2011
  • Future President

    Future President
    Each life is filled with the possiblity of such glorious achievment. ~ ~ Mixed media on canvas, 56" x 68", 2010
  • God's War

    God's War
    Master of none, creator of all. ~ ~ 2010, Mixed media on canvas , 60" x 72"
  • My Mona

    My Mona
    The ghost of a ghost of a ghost's past. ~ ~ 21" x 27", Acrylic on desk drawer, 2010
  • Bargain Hunters

    Bargain Hunters
    Consumers club happy hour. ~ ~ 2009, Acrylic, spray paint, wallpaper and vintage supermarket ephemera on masonite 48" x 72"
  • Phantom Shopper

    Phantom Shopper
    She wants it all but doesn't have a dime to spend. ~ ~ Acrylic, spray paint, vintage ephemera and wallpaper on wood panels, 48" x 72", 2010


Even though the images are beaten and bloody, the concept of these portraits is to see the psychological damage that has been inflicted by others and the media.


The chaos of the modern world isn't always pretty to see. Series investigates the emotion of individuals in extreme situations.

  • Dad's Death

    Maybe? Maybe not? ~ ~ Acrylic, spray paint and wallpaper on wood, 23.5" x 32", 2007
  • Aftermath

    The shock has lasted several weeks now. ~ ~ Acrylic, spray paint and wallpaper on wood, 32" x 48", 2007
  • Medical Chaos #3,

    It's more then a broken leg. Better get her husband on the phone. ~ ~ Acrylic, spray paint and wallpaper on wood, 32" x 71", 2007
  • Drunk Hostess

    She makes a mean COSMO & has some DMT if you want it. ~ ~ 14" x 22", mixed media on canvas, 2007
  • The Last Cry

    Exhausted. There are no more tears. No more hope. ~ ~ Acrylic, spray paint and wallpaper on wood, 32" x 40.5", 2007
  • Medical Chaos #2

    In that exact moment, the answer came through. ~ ~ Acrylic, spray paint and wallpaper on wood, 17" x 24.5", 2007
  • Left Out

    Lonely the heart grows distant. ~ ~ Acrylic, spray paint and wallpaper on masonite, 32" x 48", 2008
  • Homesick

    He was 18 when he joined. 19 when he got home. ~ ~ Acrylic, spray paint and wallpaper on wood, 32" x 48", 2007
  • Burn Victim

    She will survive! ~ ~ Acrylic, spray paint and wallpaper on wood, 21" x 29.5", 2007
  • Medical Chaos #1,

    Home Alert. It was much worse then we were imagining. ~ ~ Acrylic, spray paint and wallpaper on wood, 48" x 96", 2007

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