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The poem, "Chorus at 4:02 AM," was written during 2020 and first appeared in The Evening Street Review out of California, in Vol 36, Winter 2022.

PDF icon 2022.Chorus.at_.402AM.Mosson.pdf


"Parenting in a Pandemic" was written in 2020 and first appeared in Fall 2021 in Connections: Journal of the College of Southern Maryland.  This final version of the poem appeared in The Evening Street Review, out of California, in Vol 36, Winter 2022. 

PDF icon 2022.Parenting.in_.a.Pandemic.Mosson.pdf


The poem, "Pandemic Housecleaning," was written around 2021 and first appeared in The Evening Street Review, out of California, in Vol 36, Winter 2022.

PDF icon 2022.Pandemic.Housecleaning.Mosson.pdf

2022 Birds View Mosson.pdf

The poem, "Birds' View," was written walking around during May 2020. An earlier version appeared online at vox poetica on June 19, 2020.

PDF icon 2022 Birds View Mosson.pdf


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G.H. Mosson is the author of two books and three chapbooks of poetry, including Family Snapshot as a Poem in Time (Finishing Line Press 2019). His poetry has appeared in The Tampa Review, The Evening Street Review, Smartish Pace, The Potomac Review, and The Hollins Critic, and been nominated four times for the Pushcart Prize. He has studied poetry at The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins, where he was a teaching fellow and earned an MA, and currently studies poetry in New England College's low-... more

The Living Tide (Manuscript in Progress)

These two poems, "Flight" and "The Search," both appeared in the West Coast-based, online poetry Web site, Vistant Lit, in 2021.  "The Search" also appeared in Voices de la Luna out of Texas.  I have been working on this manuscript since 2004.

Lovers Versus Clowns (Manuscript in Progress)

I have been working on this manuscript, on and off, for over two decades.  This poem, "Tipsy Bozo Before the After Party," is an example.

Questions of Fire (2009)

My second full-length book takes place, for the most part, in the U.S. during the first five years of the U.S. second Iraq war, which was launched on and around March 19, 2003.

Season of Flowers and Dust (2007)

The nature cycle, Season of Flowers and Dust (Goose River Press, 2007), contains winter sonnets as the book's middle section of poetry.  The five sonnets arose out of a middle-1990s winter in Portland, Oregon.  Two of sonnets here first appeared in Attic (MD) and sniffylings (OR).  There are nine total in the book.

Commentary on Poetry (approx. 2005-2016)

I reviewed and published book reviews and more extended commentary on poetry from around 2005 to 2016, and was a regular reviewer for The Baltimore Review (prior print version) and Boxcar Poetry Review (online, CA-based), and then The Broadkill Review (online, DE-based), and JMWW (online, MD & CA-based).  As the British poet Andrew Marvell said on another subject, if I had "but world enough and time," I would continue with regular reviewing.  In fact, I do have the itch again.

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