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A short story about lust and accidents. Set at a college, it finds two people who knew each other long ago and remember their connection.

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A true story about kidney stones and how I can't stand hospitals.

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A story that might be true but I may have embellished. But isn't that what we do?

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Baltimore County

Born on an Army base in New Jersey and raised all around the Baltimore area, I have  been telling stories since I could talk and writing since I could figure out a pencil. Storytelling knows no boundaries and experimentation is key to staving off boredom. I hate complacency and I love to try new things, especially when it comes to the written word. 


Gethsemane is a look at one of the most dangerous places in the world and the people who volunteer to live there. The novel follows a year at a Doctors Without Borders clinic in the Congo Jungle. Gethsemane shows two Doctors as they deal with death, fear and, eventually, life.  Fusing fiction with the terrifying facts about the region, Gethsemane delivers a look at a world where laws hold no consequence and pain  and hatred fuel a populace.

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