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Baltimore County

Hello, my name is Damario morris. I'm a 32 year old aspiring author and my preferred genre to write in is humor. I grew up on Farrelly brothers movies and i like to make slapstick novels in that mold but with black people.

County Boumties

This is a sample of County Bounties, a dark, y.a comedy I self-published on Amazon, Kindle unlimited and Createspace. It's about the student from hell who was expelled from all Baltimore City middle schools. He's sent to Deer Park Middle school, his homeschool , where he tries to stay on the right track but inadvertently finds trouble at every turn.

  • County Bounties Chapter 3 sample

    Chapter three introduces Davis and Buddy, two pivotal characters in my County Bounty Series. Davis loves Buddy more than he loves himself. He'd do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to make his best friend happy. Buddy is a pretty boy from Randallstown who lies like a politician and has a heart of a prison bitch. Their interactions are some of the funniest in the series.
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County Bounties 2

This is the sequel to County Bounties. Mario has been put out of Deer Park and in current need of a new school to finish the 7th grade. A battered and bruised Mario (thanks to his mother) must get it together because one more incident, and he might not live to see highschool.

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