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I immigrated to the United States from Taichung, Taiwan following my parents at the age of 13. Plano, Texas was not the America I had imagined. The USA I had imagined was a combination of Disney and the friendly caucasian missionary who came to my village to preach the bible and unconditional love from Jesus to mankind. Turns out Disneyland and Disney World were thousands of miles away from Plano, and I was not welcomed by the people who lived in Jesus-land. I tried to adapt quickly to the culture of... more

Human Pinball

This is a collaboration project with Michael Benevento. This installation is a Human Pinball game.

  • studio shot

    the process.
  • Human Pinball

    winners gets a golden balloon. everyone is a winner.
  • Human Pinball

    it was fun anyways.
  • Human Pinball

    ignoring the rules.
  • Human Pinball

    inside view.
  • Human Pinball

  • Human Pinball

    Audience from outside could control the air comes out of the vent that affects the balloons. a on/off switch is installed on the pedestal.
  • Human Pinball

  • Human Pinball

    there are two air vents that blows out air from the top. *notice the ceiling. The balloons will scramble as the players picked up the green paddles (mimic the flips in a pinball table) and attempt to flip the balloons into the basketball hoop.
  • Human Pinball

    This was installed at the Meyerhoff Gallery in Maryland Institute College of Art, for the Sondheim Semi-finalist show during Artscape, in the summer of 2011. those are chicken wings cut outs taped on the entrance to the game.

Mole Balls

Mole-Balls is an interactive sculpture game built around the concept of Whack-A-Mole. Two teams. One team attacks by throwing rocks, knifes or grenades at the other team, the Moles. The moles, are represented by human beings from the other team wearing a mole-face bicycle helmet. The moles job is none other than to stick their heads through an array of painted boards with holes cut out of them, and hold still, so the other team could inflict mortal damage. At the end of each round, rocks, knifes, grenades, bullets or any sort of object would be collected from the faces of the moles, and counted as scores. Then the teams change position, as the moles become the whacker, and vice versa. At the end of each game, the score tells which team is the true Anti-Christ.

Ball Movement, Human Foosball

Ball Movement, Human Foosball is a project created in collaboration with Michael Benevento. This project also involved more than 10 artists and volunteers. It was a life size Human Foosball table, where the court was made of painted Masonite boards, and the handle bars were PVC pipes latched on to multiple trapezoid structures at each ends. 12 participants were needed to make the game functional. They get strapped in, linked arms and kick a giant inflated ball into the goal with the music and sound effects of the audience and our djs and mcs. Since movements would be limited, and they would only be allow to move side to side, team work is proven to the success to victory.
The entire project was created with a budget of $200. With the collaboration of many volunteers and Current Space, this project was able to be realized.

Double Dribble

Double Dribble was a show held at Windup Space in Baltimore Maryland. It was designed as using groups of imaginary characters set in situations with the limitation of the gallery wall. Although each individual characters was intended specifically to fit a certain narrative or situation upon the creation, the audience would have freedom in rearranging them therefore recreating their own narrative upon the purchase of each piece at a reasonable price, capped at $75.

Strange Grip

I made two installations for this group show held at Nudashank gallery in Baltimore. One is where my cat held onto my leg. And the other one is my interpretation of the constellations.

  • Constellations

    This is my version of the constellations. they are soft pillows with glow in the dark threads embroidered on them. I lit them with a dark light in the exhibit so that the glow in the dark element could be accented to the viewers.
  • Bling and my leg

    detailed view.
  • Bling and my leg

    This installation depicts what my cat does to my leg on a daily basis.
  • BlingBling and himself

    I made a bigger than life size portrait of my beloved pet cat, BlingBling. Here they are, caught chillin' out on the love seat.

Yoga in the Zoo

This painting is about animals doing Yoga in the Zoo.

The Desert

This installation is of the visions I have while traveling through the desert in New Mexico.

  • Installation process

    Eamon Espey and Steve Santillian help painting in the desert.
  • The Cat and Mouse Game

    This is a Cat and Mouse Game where the tongues of these cats are race tracks where the mouse race cars are trying to get away but find themselves going round and round....couple of them did manage to escape.
  • The Desert

    This is when I ride a horse backwards, thinking about a fried chicken getting a sun tan (chicken wings and sun tan goes together), meanwhile a cup cake Godzilla shoots radioactive worms wile finger poking airplanes and milk shake tanks fight back near the Space Needle (nipple) of Seattle and an unknown geometric building running away.
  • The Cat and Mouse Game

    pay attention to the right side, there is a field goal antler of a deer.
  • The Desert

    Thats Red Cloud as Geenie from the magic goose lamp that fell out of Magic Johnson's hands and was rubbed three times by three hands of unknown origin, meanwhile a black handsome cow chilled and relaxed while a pig train rolled on by at the bottom.
  • Installation process

    Emanuel Nicolaidis helping paint the cat mural.
  • The Desert

    I am showing you stuff that goes through my mind while I am traveling through the desert of New Mexico.
  • a group of cows

    here is a group of cows.

Double Barrel

Double Barrel was a solo show exhibition held at Space 1026 in Philadelphia. Double Barrel is consisted of two installations and a group of paintings. The Worm, being the main installation piece, and the Human Anatomy (Male + Female). All panels are cut out by a jig saw, and sand it down with 100 tooth sand paper, primed, and painted with acrylic + latex paint.

  • _dsc4828.jpg

    this is a space cat painted following the style of art masters from the Inuit people.
  • Self Pong

    self pong is when no one will play a game of ping pong with you, you get half of the ping pong table butt it up agains a wall of mirror, and then you can play ping pong with yourself.
  • Butterhawk

    The idea here is that a punk( I am using my interpretation of the stereotype, its only my opinion) is wearing a stick of butter on his head instead of a Mohawk (a type of hair style) in a hot summer Baltimore noon, when the sun is beaming down with all of its wrath, and he felt just as uncomfortable and frustrated as the wrath of the sun. The butter melted on his head. *pay attention to the donut earings, they are Sprinkled and Boston Creme.
  • A Pacific Northwest Tickle

    The bear on the left is a grizzly bear and the bear on the right is a black bear. Together they are tickling a tree in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. region.
  • Human Anatomy (Detail)

    The center of this piece is a Lollipop licking another lollipop.
  • Human Anatomy

    This is my version of the Human Anatomy, on the left are organs, on the right are bones. and the rest are their friends hovering around waiting for a phone call for dinner parties or go get a drink somewhere.
  • Concept Sketch for The Worm

    The idea here is to have people doing "the worm" (a dance) in The Worm.

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