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"Heaven the Electric Sky" by Red Sammy & Some Charming Trespassers (NPR's Tiny Desk Submission 2017)

Red Sammy & Some Charming Trespassers NPR Tiny Desk Submission 2017

"Caribou" by Red Sammy & Some Charming Trespassers (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

"Caribou" Red Sammy & Some Charming Trespassers True Believer (Album)

I Got Creepy "When Lou Reed Died" by Red Sammy

I Got Creepy "When Lou Reed Died" by Red Sammy Creeps & Cheaters (Album)

Red Sammy & Friends "What the Mechanic's Wife Salvaged" with "Rock Star" LIGHT CITY BALTIMORE

"What the Mechanic's Wife Salvaged," flash fiction by Holly Morse-Ellington and Jason Tinney paired with "Rock Star," song by Red Sammy. Red Sammy and the Creepy Friends (A Dialogue Between Music, Poems, and Flash Fiction) Adam Trice and his Americana rock band, Red Sammy, presented a deeply emotional call-and-response performance between original poems, flash fiction, and songs. The event featured music by Red Sammy with readings by local Baltimore writers, Jenny Keith, Jason Tinney, and Holly Morse-Ellington.


About Adam

Baltimore County

Adam Trice is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and writer from Baltimore, MD.  In 2007, he began performing and recording under the name, Red Sammy – an influential character in Flannery O’Connor’s  story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” (1955) – as solo and duo projects and with a rotating cast of musicians. Trice’s music is a unique blend of rock, folk, country, blues, and Americana styles. Notable songwriters and writers of inspiration include: Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Alejandro... more

True Believer (Lyrics from Album)

True Believer is a collection of eight songs written by Adam Trice (Red Sammy) and accompanied by a highly-versed string ensemble (Some Charming Trespassers): Julia Wen (cello); Sarah Kennedy (violin); John Decker (resonator); Rebecca Edwards (backing vocals); Adam Trice (acoustic guitar, vocals). Song arrangements stripped down to the essentials allowing words and melody to take the lead. A sort of acceptance of one’s state in life and finding purpose in the human condition (birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and mortality) are strong lyrical themes on this album.

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