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About Richard

Born in Brooklyn, NY and educated in public school, I was always interested in science. After majoring in biology in college, I went on for a Masters degree in biology at Hofstra University and then a Ph.D. in marine biology at the University of South Carolina where I studied the ecology of nematodes - tiny worms that live between the sand grains on beaches. I am currently retired. I have been interested in photography since high school, and was particularly attracted to the work of western... more

Rocks & Water

This portfolio explores in black and white, the interaction of water and rock in relatively pristine areas. These images capture â??moodsâ? from the quietude of still waters on an overcast day to the movement and activity of a cascade splashing on rocks. In these images I try to convey my feelings from the scene: serenity, excitement, awe. A monochrome image emphasizes the light in the scene, and I find that the light I experience influences or reflects my mood. The mood I try to convey I hope will bring the viewer back to similar scenes in his or her experience and bring them to re-experience whatever it was they felt at that time. I have had comments like â??That perfectly conveys the Maine coastâ? at various shows, and that is an indicator of some success.


Urban composites and images

  • Burned Church

    Within a day or two of the fire I saw this church while commuting to work. It was a drizzly day, you could still smell the fire, and the scene struck me as desolate and malicious. This is a composite pulling forward the gargoyle, adding a window from another church and the wheel chair.
  • Church and Stoops

    Face off between the values of the church and the values of the neighborhood. Note the modifications made on one side but not the other.
  • Food 2

    Contradictions of food messages along Fulton Ave. Crabs or summer meals for children who may not lunch if not for the program. Booze or confections.
  • Tree of Heaven

    Nature taking it back. The tree of heaven is a non-native invasive species.
  • Strong Foundation

    I saw this mural on Baker St. Was impressed with the color and message. Columns are meant to imply strong support for the positive message and building a community.
  • Plants in the window.

    Clearly a contrast between the bright flowers in window boxes and the ugly green plant blooming out of a broken window. The vent connects the images and the antenna reflects the vent.
  • Fulton Ave.

    Mural "Art and Harmony" along the 1300 block of Fulton Ave., which is also Route 1.3

Richard's Curated Collection

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