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My name is Christophe Katrib. I came to Baltimore from Beirut in 2013 on a Fulbright scholarship and got my MFA in Photographic and Electronic Media at the Maryland Institute College of Art in spring 2015. I have a BFA in filmmaking from the 'Insititut des Etudes Scèniques, Audiovisuelles et Cinematographiques' of the Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut. After over a decade of working professionally in multiple aspects of film production, I started building an art practice centered around photography,... more

Locust Point

Shot at dusk on one roll of 16mm, this very short film is a visual “dérive” where the urban environment gradually tightens as the public space shifts to private. The point of view struggles back and forth with the architectural constraints and access-control signage. The film was hand processed later to chemically reflect this disintegration and limitation of free movement within the city.

Apparitions at Day's End

This piece is based on the idea of natural light being a source of wonder and imagination for human perception. Meditative and dreamlike, the image conjures up diverse associations. Its origin is ambiguous and as it flickers on the wall, it takes on a new life in the viewer’s mind, light years away from that Fall day when it was captured with a mobile phone in a bedroom.


Apparitions evokes the liminal interval where transient light becomes a momentary image, appearing in a space and perhaps in one’s imagination. Capturing this fluctuating light (where my bedroom operated like a giant camera obscura) the work conjures the ephemeral and posits a space for projections - real and possible, fleeting yet palpable.

Scintillations I

Scintillations I is a short and silent video piece attempting to create a digital contemporary echo of avant-garde experimental 16mm film. With some of the pervasive imaging tools of the day - mobile phone, computer screen, digital SLR - and using transfer and recapture from one to the other, I attempted to create a visual language that evokes the gradual loss and disembodiment of memory and perception, slowly migrating from human capacities, to computer functions. Are we augmenting our senses with technology or are we relying on technology to replace our senses?

Rite of Sight

One of several experiments in filming and creating work with a mobile phone to further explore the liminal spaces between perception and mediation, human and digital. The sound is composed through recording and editing household objects and machines. The piece as a whole tries to extract poetry and mystery from the mundane and quotidian.

Dérive Analogue

Film shot with a Bolex and one roll of black and white Tri-X Kodak 7266 film during one Spring weekend in Baltimore.
All edits are done in camera and layering with double exposures.
This is my first 16mm film.

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