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MGVM: Million Gun Victims March

My artistic career begun only a few years ago when I started the community art project, Million Gun Victim March. The goal this project is to put faces to the statistics behind gun violence. The first of these goals is to bring the paintings home to the families. In order to do this, we have commissioned a local print lab to scan and print copies of the portraits. The second goal is to have a permanent space for these prints to live in Baltimore and for it to become a memorial for the victims.


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Baltimore City

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Born in upstate New York in 1960, I moved to Baltimore with my then fiance and lifelong mentor even after death, my husband George in 1984. I finally started teaching myself oil painting in 1990. I have been working on my present project, the Million Gun Victims March since April of 2013.

Too Young to Vote: Teenagers

A lot of the work around this project is to reach out to the younger generation and hopefully give a sense of empathy. Each portrait is a careful study of the victim, their families, and presents them as they might have been today if that final bullet did not pierce through them. What would these young people have been able to acheive if only they had been allowed to live. If only... 

Young Fathers

Being a parent is hard. Being a child without a parent is harder still. Oftentimes, being a father is a complex role to fill with many expextations, naunces, and sterotypes to battle. However, the sterotype of the absentee father is not performed by choice by any of these younger victims.  What would they have taught their children they left behind? 

Most Precious Among Us: Children

Orphan; the loss of ones parents.

Widow; the loss of ones spouse. 

However, there is no word in English that applies to parents who have lost children. Perhaps it is because the very idea of losing ones children is so horrible that we have never wanted to create such a terribly wounded word. 

Children are the hardest for me to paint, to imagine, especially the children whose own parents decided to remove them from this world; their rights to that title, of a parent, seem wrong and distrubing. 

Across the Generations

The greatest pain that a community can feel is not only losing perhaps a few of its members but whole families either at the same time or watching them slowly getting picked off. These victims represent the reality of what we are living and the way these outsider weapons kill communities. 

Wisdom of Ages

One of the great things about growing older is knowing many things about life, living, and hopefully, happiness. This group illustrates the huge loss of wisdom that these victims could have passed on to their communities and their families either verbally or through their actions. Although they had more time on this earth than some of the other victims, they too were taken before they should have gone. 

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