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Include up to four 'work samples' to display at the top of your portfolio. These should be your four best works that you would like jurors to see first. Click Browse to add a work sample, you can always go back later and edit. Be sure to click the blue "Save" not only within the browse media window, but also at the button at the bottom of the 'edit portfolio' page before navigating away from the page or your uploads will not be saved.

Use the blue crosshairs to rearrange the order of your work samples display, by dragging each work sample up or down.

For Film/Video, Music, Literary, and Performing arts disciplines, these should be excerpts from your full-length projects below that the jurors may visit if they wish to explore your nomination further. Up to four Work Samples of varying length may be submitted but must not exceed a limit of ten minutes or 15 pages in total. [For example; (5) two minute samples, or (1) ten minute sample OR (3) five page samples, or (1) 15 page sample, etc.]

If you want to include video, once you click "Browse" please click the orange Web tab and enter a Vimeo or YouTube URL link.

[For clips of video, the Baker site cannot clip for you, you must upload your sample onto a third party provider and use an embed code.]

Your portfolio is not going to be displayed until you have work examples.

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Add up to 10 projects to your portfolio. You can use the blue crosshairs to rearrange the order of your projects display by dragging them up and down. You can have up to 10 pieces of media within each project.

When you click "Add New Project" it will prompt you to include a title and a description of your project. Below the body/description is where you can upload your 10 images or various media.

You have the option to mark each project by discipline, style, medium, as well as your own tags in the black drop down boxes below. By using these features, it helps make your portfolio and projects easier to search for.

Click the blue "Create Project" button to save. You can always go back and add and edit later.

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An Examination of Emotional Gesture: Stages of Pedagogical development in a different culturePublished
Creating New TOOLS for Elementary SCHOOLS: Emotion Masks and new pedagogy to help develop Emotional Intelligence in young people through physical theatrePublished
MASKS FOR GOOD: Fight the Stigma! Liberian Arts Education using "Emotion Masks"Published
One Glitz Wish: A Surreal Masked Comedy that talks about how we talk about Little GirlsPublished
A Commedia Christmas Carol: 19 Diverse Masks for 1 Wild Show that ran for 2 Holiday Seasons!Published
Oedipus at Catholic University: A More Intimate Look at Mask Design Published
A Mask Design Company in Baltimore: Bringing masks to more audiences every yearPublished
Larval Project: A Full Face Mask Performance and Ensemble Theatre Creation Research Project for Baltimore ActorsPublished
Larval Project Performance at 50fest: An All-Ages, Full Face Masked Performance in Baltimore!Published
BULLY, regional premiere of a play by Amina Henry with Interrobang TheatrePublished
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