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Baltimore City

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I grew up in Baltimore, but traveled extensively after attending college in Virginia, France, and Michigan, where I graduated from the University of Michigan. I majored in French, and though I loved to draw, did not consider myself an artist. I first formally studied art in 1971-72 at the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Cuernavaca, Mexico. I later returned to Baltimore, where I studied at the Mitchell School of Fine Art with Elizabeth Byrd (Polly) Mitchell in the late 1970s before a hiatus of more than... more

Across the Ocean

Many of my paintings are based on my travels to Europe over the past 10 years. While there, it is difficult to do a full-sized painting, so I rely on sketches, quick watercolors, and taking photographs to use back in my studio in Baltimore. I try to paint soon after we return so the excitement and mood of the place are still fresh in my memory. Generally I paint in oil in my studio, though I have been painting more watercolor in the last few years.

Around the U.S.

I paint in Maryland primarily, of course, but also when we travel around the United States. There is so much interesting and beautiful anywhere, and I enjoy making a place "mine" by painting it.

Across the Border

In the House

Off the Press

A few years ago I bought a small etching press after taking a printmaking workshop and have enjoyed printing monotypes and block prints since then. Some are abstract and some more traditional.

  • Norway 1

    Snowy Landscape in Norway, viewed from the Hurtigruten ferry. The sun barely rose during the winter days. Drypoint etching.
  • Coventry

    An abstract representation of the destruction of Coventry Cathedral.
  • Blue Ridge Homestead best.jpg

    Blue Ridge Homestead
    A linocut of an isolated house along the Blue Ridge Parkway, printed in blues, brown, and greens; Blue Ridge Homestead.
  • Blue Ridge Hot Summer

    A very hot, hazy day in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
  • Dust and Shadow 1.jpg

    Dust and Shadow
    Monotype with blue shape among red and orange shapes. There is an impression of falling through space. We are all Dust and Shadow.

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