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1. The Shroud .jpg

Scuplture-3D Mixed Media
The Shroud could be a disguise used by anyone in order to escape the authorities, however, in this instance it alludes to the young slave girl Anne Maria Weems( mid 1800s)USA who used disguise to escape her slave owners. The work is copper wire fabric manipulated with tucks to add dimension, the dot or stitched tucks symbolize the people trying to escape dangerous regimes, gangs, crime etc. Dimensions:28"Hx32"WX6"D 2017

%22In Transit%22 .jpg

History,Mixed Media,Political Issues
In Transit relates to the African American Community who lived in Rockville,MD, in the 1800s. This piece refers to Anne Maria Weems, a young girl who escaped her Slave Owners under disguise and went to Canada. The contrasting materials i.e. wire mesh, satin, pose a sharp contrast to the surroundings i.e. twigs, branches etc and her journey across the country. Plaster Cast is used for the back of the body. Mixed Media,Dimesnions: 26"Hx22"Wx4"D 2018

Silhouette 2019.jpg

Mixed Media,New Technologies, Social Justice.
The work is part of a series created with this title in mind and relates to the National Guards who kept watch over Baltimore City during the Freddie Gray Uprising of 2015. Several collaborative works were created (Book Covers) with poet, Stephen Pohl.This work was created in 2019 using text and the laser incorporating stitch. Dimensions: 18"Hx19"Wx2"D Mixed Media (Wood and Thread) 2019

A DRESS OF CAPE TOWNgrey.jpg 2.jpg

The Walls in this Project/Image represents the Walls of Cape Town. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, however, my first impression of the Placed were the Walls that were installed to protect the communities, home owners etc. The Dress can be a Covering, Protection. The images in the work are digitally photographed, printed on Cloth and manipulated digitally with the sewing machine. Antique accessories, trimmings are used in the work to show the contrasts of materials-the old with the new. Dimensions: 48"Hx28"Wx2"D 2019


About Maria-Theresa

Baltimore City

I have been a professional artist for over 40 yrs  it is a part of my life and work. Throughout my long career I did not work full time as I wanted the time to devote to my art. This has been a very difficult path, however, I would not choose any other discipline. Being an artist is not only the creative drive, but a sense of well being which is important esepecially as one grows older. Devoting time to my work gives me the flexibility to have a dialogue with my work;  explore various... more

1. A Dress Of Cape Town 2019

The Walls around Cape Town captured my attention when I visited the Place later this year -2019.
This is one of the most beautiful cities in the World with exotic food, diverse communities, astounding landscapes, wild life
and breathtaking views etc. yet it seemed fearful with the Walls. The Dress like image could be a covering ie. walls and the background of
this piece itself has the texture and form of a wall.

The works i.e. Cape Town and its many facets is still in progress. The works presented give a glimpse of the Place and its History.


    A View of the work shows some of the Walls of Cape Town. The image also shows a view of the Malay Community neighborhood. Some of the walls also electrified and can be life threatening. Many of the homes have tight security with guards 24hr per day. The images of the walls are digitally photographed, printed and embroidered with hand and machine stitches. Antique accessories and trimmings are used in the work i.e. traditional vs new materials. Dimensions: 48"Hx28"Wx2"D 2019
  • A Dress Of Cape Town detail 3jpg

    The image shows some of the area around the vicinity of Cape Town. The Walls differ in a few of the surroundings. This wall is made of brick. The text is digitally created on the sewing machine. The surface of the work is densely pleated on heavy linen to give a 3D effect. Dimensions: 7"Hx28"Wx2"D
  • A Dress Of Cape Town 6.jpg

    A Couple from the Cape Malay community. Cape Malays are an ethnic community that have lived here since the 16th Century.They originated from the Duth East Indies from SE Asia. The image is densely layered with stitch created on the digital sewing machine. The background shows the heavily layered image of the walls. Dimensions: 9"Hx5"WX2"D
  • A Dress Of Cape Town detail 4.jpeg

    A detail of a Wall overlooking the outskirts of the city in the background. The work shows hand and machine stitches and collage. The Walls are very different from one area to another. This detail has a 3-dimensional appearance as it is folded to add dimension. Dimensions: 11"HX6"Wx3"
  • A Dress Of Cape Town detail .jpg

    Walls overlooking the Shanty Towns with barbed wires at the top. The foreground is heavier than the background walls which is created with the sewing machine. The background also shows the traffic outside the walls (Cars) digitally photographed and printed on canvas. Dimensions: 7"HX6"Wx2"D
  • A Dress Of Cape Town View 8.jpg

    A Bystander watching the view ahead and behind the many Walls found in this city. The digitally photographed and printed image is digitally created and manipulated on the sewing machine. The stitched texts represent Hope and yet the fear felt among the communities that live here. Dimensions: 5"Hx6"Wx2"D
  • A Dress Of Cape Town detail 6.jpg

    The image of a Brick Wall in the outskirts of Cape Town. The text is layered with stitch and the surface is a satin like fabric. Dimensions: 4"Hx6"Wx2"D
  • A Dress Of Cape Town detail.jpg

    A View of the patterns of some of the walls. The text represents the many people who live here under drastic living conditions. The printed image on fabric is enriched with hand and machine stitch. Some of the background shows the Shanty Towns in the area. Dimensions: 7"Hx4"Wx0.5"D
  • IMG_3621 (1).jpeg

    An example of the Walls created with various textiles which are manipulated to give this appearance. The image is machine stitched to add a linear quality. Some Walls in this city are electrified for safety, yet it is life threatening to others. Dimensions: 4"Hx8"Wx0.5"D

4.The Slave Owner's Collection.

The Beall Dawson House belonged to the Dawson sisters who were slave owners in Rockville, Maryland. The House is now part of the Montgomery County Historical Society .Research at the site resulted in seveal works that includes some of the textile collection i.e objects ,

The textiles are transformed to give a contemporary look using the digital embroidery machine, hand stitch and digital photography . Recent work includes the laser cutter on wood incorporating textiles using stitch. New technology is an important part of the growing process ; the combination of contrasting materials and traditional skills employed is together with new technologies is challenging and thought provoking.
As a practising artist for many decades the development of my work is an important part of the growing process both as an artist and a person.

  • The Slave Owner's Doll.jpg

    History Mixed Media
    A doll was found at the Slave Quarters of the former House now the Montgomery County Historical Society. This is the first version of the latter piece executed on wood with the Laser. The work is digitally photographed and manipulated with machine stitch to add texture and dimension. The new owner of the House welcoming visitors! Dimensions: 24"Hx15"Wx0.5"D 2018
  • The Slave Owner's Doll-2018.jpg

    Mixed Media -History
    This view of the Slave Owner's Doll is transformed using the laser cutter in combination with textiles using stitch to add density of surface. The entrance to the Home of the Beall-Dawson House showing the new owner welcoming the Public. The surface is layered with stitch and has a 3D effect.Dimensions: 21"HX14"Wx0.5"D 2017
  • Curtain Motif -Beall-Dawson House.jpg

    The translucent,ethereal piece is a contrast to the heavy opaque bedroom curtain at the Montgomery Historical Society. The work is machine stitched on a manual sewing machine to give a fine drawing line. The motifs are entirely created on the sewing machine. Medium: Transparent textiles and thread. Dimensions: 100"HX10"W
  • The Curtain-Beall House,Rockville,MD.

    Historical Collections
    The original curtain found at the Montgomery Historical Society is opaque and dense, a contrast to the image shown here. The work is executed on a transparent fabric using hand and machine stitched motifs. The work is a relief and is dimensional. Dimensions: 46"HX40"Wx3"D
  • The Curtain Reinvented .jpg

    Mixed Media Relief.
    The image shows The Curtain Motif laser cut or engraved on wood using traditional and new skills. The materials are copper wire mesh and translucent textiles hand and machined embroidered motifs are incorporated and stitched on to the wood surface. The method of incorporating the old with the new is a growing and challenging process in the development of the work. Dimensions: 27"hx22"Wx1"d mixed media 2018.
  • Beall Dawson House Curtain Reinvented -detail 2.jpg

    Mixed Media Relief.
    The curtain at the Beall-Dawson House in this image is recreated on a wood surface with the image laser cut and incorporated with copper wire mesh fabric using hand and machine embroidery. The motifs are engraved on the wood. The contrast of materials i.e. soft with hard is combined with traditional skills and new technologies.
  • 11. The Waistcoat of Hope 3.jpg

    Crafts,Polical Issues
    This is a contemporary version of a costume showing message of Hope and Freedom. The text is digitally created with the embroidery machine using old accessories some of which were used in the Slave Trade. Costumes found at the Montgomery County Historical Society are a contrast to the one presented here. Dimensions: 32"Hx21"Wx4"D 2019
  • 6.Jacket of Hope detail.jpg

    Social Justice,Awareness,Politics
    A detail of The Jacket Of Hope showing the messages executed on the digital sewing machine. These texts convey a positive message to a troubled world.
  • 13. Jacket Of Hope detail 2 jpg

    The detail shows the accessories and text which is digitally created on the sewing machine and hand stitches. Dimensions: 12"Hx8"D
  • 7.Waistcoat Reinvented 2019.jpg

    Historical Research,Crafts
    The image is created digitally and on the Laser Cutter i.e. wood engraving. Antique accessories are digitally created with the sewing machine and hand stitches to create a pattern. The buttons and trimmings are antique (Collection of the artist). Traditional skills are combined with new methods of working including the contrast of the materials used. The work was inspired by my research at VisArts,Rockville,MD while artist-in-residence in 2017. Dimensions: 18"Hx22"Wx2"D 2018

5. Migration

Migration has been the subject of great controversy around the world. The Crossings on the English Channel, migrants in the
USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America, and around the Globe has been the source of investigation in current work. Being an
immigrant from Kenya, to England and the U.S.A. has reflected on many of the concerns one has to face,that of adjusting to another world.
The body of work in this Project address some of these issues. The materials used are textiles as this was my major several decades ago at
Art College and at a time when Embroidery/Textiles was not considered an Art Form. The medium used is combined with wood (Laser Cutter) in recent work which is in its infancy as there is much experimentation and methods of process to learn. Stitch and text in used in conjunction with the laser. I have included a body of work wherein this process is illustrated in the examples.
Size is immaterial in the creation of work .Content,context and raising awareness to these issues is a primary

  • Tunnel Crossing Side View .jpg

    In some parts of the world migrants cross via the English Channel. This image represents the Tunnel and the Bridge. The view shows the work created with contrasting materials i.e. Velvet vs. Wood. The soft and the hard. Traditional skills are employed with contemporary methods of working. The image alludes to various levels of thought. Dimensions: 13"Hx19"Wx3"D 2018
  • Tunnel Crossing Front View 2.jpg

    Freedom,Social Justice.
    Tunnel Crossing Front View shows the migrants crossing with just one luggage. The fabric created images of a child and a parent. The wood base is joined or attached by means of heavy twine twisted and stitched to add form and solidity to the fabric created tunnel.
  • Tunnel Crossing detail.jpg

    The details show the patterns and design created on the sewing machine. The base is wood joined by means of twine that creates a design and also has the strength to hold the tunnel.
  • The Shroud Front View 2.jpg

    A disguise alluding to the escape of migrants, Ann Maria Weems -a covering. The front view shows the clothing copper woven wire (hard) incorporated with the soft wire mesh which is tucked, pleated to add form and dimension. Dimensions: 36"Hx42"Wx9"D 2017
  • 1. THE SHROUD .jpg

    The Shroud or Covering alludes to the many disguises migrants or the young Ann Maria Weems used to escape turmoil from the country of origin. The work is made of wire mesh tuck, pleated to add dimension. Dimensions: 36"Hx42"WX9"D
  • The Shroud detail.jpg

    A detail of the covering that alludes to the escape of the young girl Ann Maria Weems who lived in Rockville (1800s).The work shows the detail of the wire mesh which is stitched to represent tucks, knots etc.
  • In Transit.jpg

    The history of Rockville,MD, addressed the escape of Ann Maria Weems, a young girl who went to Canada. This work represents her journey via the woods and is a contemporary version of the migration. The work is on twigs using plaster cast of my own body. Copper mesh is contrasted with the satin fabric (smooth). Dimensions: 24"Hx24"Wx10"D 2017
  • The Ship Wreck View 3 2.jpg

    Migration is an important topic at present and all over the Globe. This image represents the dangerous voyage made migrants all over the World. The image represents a ship showing the materials to show land (Leather) wood and the sails (textiles). The contrast of materials used represents land, sea,and resistance of will. Dimensions: 14"HX12"WX6"D 2017
  • The Landing -2019 3.jpg

    The Landing relates to the migrants all over the Globe who undergo drastic measures in order to reach a land of Hope and Peace. The work illustrates the land, sea, and torments of the journeys encountered by the migrants. The work shows contrasting materials to represent these perils. Leather, translucent and opaque textiles showing traditional and contemporary skills to execute the work. Dimensions: 24"Hx30"Wx8"D 2017
  • The Landing View 1 2.jpg

    The image illustrates the waves across the seas and the land. The image of the child and parent is 3D. Contrast of materials textiles opaque and transparent. Dimensions: 24"HX30"WX8"D 2017

6. A History of Rockville,MD

A residency at VisArts in Rockville, Maryland, in 2017 led to a solo exhibition -The Fabric of Place (2018). Several visits were made to
the library and the Montgomery County Historical Society which was formerly the Beall-Dawson House that belonged to the Slave Owners who lived there in the 1800s.
Included in this Project is also the history of the African American Community that lived here at the time.
Some of the works in this series includes collaboration with a poet and a glass artist.

  • The Confederate 2017.jpg

    History. Political and Social Justice
    The Confederate Monument at the grounds of the Montgomery County Council Offices has now been removed after many demonstrations in Rockville,MD. The work is executed on handmade felt using machine and hand stitch. The ads were found in the Sentinel Newspapers which circulated in the Washington DC and Montgomery County at the time. (1800s). Several ads for rewards for Slaves were also found on Posters etc. Research was at the Montgomery County Library and the Montgomery Historical Society in Rockville,MD. Dimensions: 48"Hx36"Wx0.5"D 2017.
  • The Confederate -detail 2.jpg

    Mixed Media -History
    The ads for slaves in the 1800s were circulated in the Sentinel newspaper, a local paper in the Maryland and Washington D.C. area. In this image the text is hand stitched on handmade felt. The background surface is also handmade felt. A series of works using handmade felt have been created in conjunction with the history, collaborative projects etc. Experimenting with various materials pose a challenge to the process and development in my work.
  • Can We Hide The Past?

    The Confederate Soldier lies half boxed on the grounds of Montgomery County Council Offices in Rockville, MD. The monument has since been removed because of the protests, demonstrations etc. The work is in collaboration with glass artist, Nanette Bevan and displays the glass base incorporating digital photography with hand and machine embroidery. Dimensions: 15"Hx11"Wx3"D 2017
  • Can We Hide The Pasty? -view 2.jpg

    Mixed Media, Sculpture, History
    A collaborative Project with glass artist, Nanette Bevan. The work shows the Confederate Soldier half boxed as this was how it was found on the grounds of the Montgomery County Offices. The Council did not know what to do with the Monument in view of the protests and demonstrations. It has since then been removed to another site. The box is made of glass with the inscription Can We Hide The Past? the work is combined with hand and machine embroidery using digitally photography, with the image printed on linen. Dimensions: 15Hx11"Wx3"D 2017
  • The Confederate Banner 3.jpg

    The Confederate Monument was half boxed as the Montgomery County Council did not know where to put it. Finally after several demonstrations in Rockville,MD, and around the country it was removed to another site. The work is executed on canvas using text (Collaboration) with poet,Stephen Pohl. Stitch, collage and digital print is used to create this Banner. Dimensions: 84"Hx24"Wx0.5"D 2017
  • Ann Maria Weems Banner 2017.jpg

    History of a Place
    A series of works relating to the History of the African American Community in Rockville,MD, were created during 2017-2019. This Banner relates to the young girl, Ann Maria Weems, who dressed as a man to escape her captors. The text, ad, including the Poem (Collaboration) are hand and machine stitched and printed on cloth, canvas. Dimensions: 84"Hx24"Wx0.5"D 2017
  • 5a. Ann Maria Weems Book Cover with Poem.jpg

    Slavery USA,History
    Several collaborative works have been created (Book Covers) with poet,Stephen Pohl. The work here relates to the History of Rockville, particular, the life of Ann Maria Weems. She is in disguise as a man to escape her captors. The work is on handmade paper incorporating text (poem by Stephen Pohl) The text is machine stitched on silk. The chains symbolize bondage and enslavement. Dimensions: 12"Hx24"Wx0.5"D 2017
  • Ann Maria W eems -Book Cover Back.jpg

    Mixed Media, History.
    A Back view of the Book Cover -Ann Maria Weems. The work is executed on handmade paper using stitch (this is the ad) found in The Sentinel newspaper which was circulated at the time (1800s) in the Washington DC and Montgomery County vicinity. Ann Maria Weems a young girl dressed as a man in disguise to escape her captors. Dimensions: 12"Hx24"Wx0.5"D 2017
  • Unchained-Yet Not Free 2017 .jpg

    Sculpture - Relief, Textiles, Mixed Media
    The African American History in Rockvile, MD, led to this work that addresses bondage, enslavement, lynchings at this and later. (1800s). The work is digitally manipulated in the Photoshop,stitched,printed and collaged using antique accessories. New technologies is combined with traditional technical skills. Dimensions: 28"Hx13"Wx3"D 2017
  • Unchained-Yet not Free -detail.jpg

    The detail shows the digital image manipulated in the Photoshop, printed on fabric using hand stitch and antique accessories. The chains symbolize bondage, enslavement etc. The work alludes to the history of the USA in the 1800s and later.Although we think the world has changed in some respects it has not,racism an inequality still exists around the world including the U.S.A.

7,. The Fabric Of Place.

Place, in this Project includes Cape Town,S.Africa (in progress) as I recently visited Cape Town and Rockville,MD, where I was
artist-in-residence in 2017 which resulted in a Solo Exhibition -The Fabric Of Place.Images to include both Places and the contrasts
The Walls in the City (Cape Town) was striking and while the Place is Beautiful it has also some concern re: Saftey and Security.

Included in these series are some images of London,England and the diverse communities that live there.
The re-development of one area where the buildings have been torn down to make room for beautiful Parks.

  • Unravelling 2.jpeg

    A Full view of "Unravelling" 2017
  • "Unravelling" View 2

    View 2 of this work shows the Confederate Statue that was on the grounds of the Montgomery County Council Offices. The monument has since been removed because of the demonstrations at the time (2017). The digitally photographed image is layered with hand and machine stitch. Some of the images in this piece shows the collections found at the site. Dimensions: 72"Wx12"Hx0.5"D
  • "Unravelling" Back View

    The details show some of the History of the Place. The young girl Ann Maria Weems is shown dressed as a man in order to escape her captors. Ads for the sale of slaves were found in the local newspaper, The Sentinel, which was circulated in th Rockville and Washington D.C. area. The work is richly layered with stitch and can be viewed 2-3D. Dimensions: 12"X24"Wx0.5"D 2017
  • 7. Slave Girl.jpg

    The image is digitally photographed and stitched on both the digital and manual sewing machine. It refers to the transatlantic trading patterns established as early as the mid 17th Century. The text was found at the E.London Museum when I visited the Place. Slaves were sold to the early European Settlers at the time. Dimensions: 16"HX12"W 2016
  • Slave Girl detail.jpg

    Place History
    A detail of the image richly layered with hand and machine embroidery on linen surface.
  • E.London Installation .jpg

    A large Installation of E.London where I lived a few years ago. The image shows the various communities, culture and sites of the Place. Over 150 languages are spoken in this part of London. The images are digitally photographed, printed and manipulated with rich layering of stitches to add form and density. Dimensions: 12ftx2ftx1/2"
  • E.London Installation detail 1.jpg

    The Pearly Kings and Queens of London is a working class Organization who do a lot of good work (Charities)Ceremony that is held in London every year. Their costumes are richly decked with pearls and fineries.The accessories also includes hundreds of buttons decked on their costumes. In this Ceremony it was refreshing to see a couple (minority) at the Ceremony. The image is digitally photographed and manipulated with layers of stitch to add density of surface.
  • detail E.London.jpg

    One of the few restaurants that cater for Cockney food (E.LondonWorking Class). This place was the only one left in this part of London as most of the restaurants now have ethnic food. The Menu is pasted on the wall. Bubble and Squeak is an English meal made from left over vegetables from a roast dinner. The Menu is all traditional English food e.g. Spotted Dick which is an English Currant Pudding with Custard. The work is richly stitched and printed on canvas to add density and form. Dimensions: 14"Hx12"Wx1/2"D
  • Undulating Thames Barrier and Thames Barrier2.jpg

    A Place for relaxation and serenity in this part of London. The rich fauna and planned park was created for the Communities that live in the E.London area. The buildings were torn down to make room for this Park. (Thames Barrier). The work is handmade felt richly layered with hand and machine embroidery. The rich fauna is breathtaking in the Spring and Summer months. Dimensions: 40"Hx60"Wx9"D.
  • Undulating Thames Barrier detail.jpg

    The detail of Thames Barrier shows the colors of the beautiful fauna. The handmade felt incorporates hand and machine embroidery.

8. Collaborative Project 2015-2017

A few works have been in collaboration with poet, Stephen Pohl and glass artist, Nanette Bevan. Collaborations with other artists is challenging and thought provoking. It has also allowed for experimentation and the chance to discover other methods of working .
The works relate to the political issues facing our country at present and some of the events that occurred in the City of Baltimore during the
2015 riots. Some of the works include Book Covers, and a large screen i.e. Oases of Wealth-Deserts of Despair 2016.

  • Silhouettes in Glass Front View.jpg

    Collaborative Project
    The front view of the image shows the text by Stephen Pohl, poet, and the glass panels by Nanette Bevan. The work relates to the events in Baltimore City in 2015 (Riots). Several series with this title have been created over the last 2 yrs. The drawing on the handmade paper is connected to the glass panels with stitch. Dimensions: 12"Hx24"Wx0.5"D 2017
  • Silhouettes in Glass -Back View - Collaboration.jpg

    Book Arts-Collaboration 2017
    The collaboration with glass artist, Nanette Bevan, and poet, Stephen Pohl shows the text inscribed on the glass. The handmade paper with drawing using linen thread is used to connect the glass panels. The work is a back view of the Book which relates to the National Guards who kept watch in the city of Baltimore during the 2015 riots. Dimensions: 12"HX24"Wx0.5"D 2017
  • Silhouettes in Glass detail.jpg

    The image shows the drawing of images on leather using twine to connect the glass panels.
  • SIlhouettes Book Cover.jpg

    Unrest,Demonstrations Political Issues
    A view of the National Guards who kept Law and Order in Baltimore City in 2015 (Uprising) The images are print etchings 1/1 on handmade paper. Text by poet Stephen Pohl is hand stitched. Drawing is also used (pencil). Several series have been created using this title. Dimensions: 12"HX24"WX0.2"D 2016
  • Silhouettes Book Cover Back View.jpg

    The back view shows the various techniques used in creating this work i.e. pencil drawing, glass and etching on paper. Dimensions: 12"HX24"WX0.2"D
  • WHO ARE THEY -BOOK 2016.jpg

    After the riots of 2015 in Baltimore City several members of the Community came together to help with the rubbish that was left on the streets. The images are printed and stitched on handmade paper with text by poet,Stephen Pohl. It is important to show the positive attitude of the City and people who live in Baltimore. Dimensions: 18"Hx24"WX0.2"D 2016
  • Fat Lady Blues Book Poem.jpeg

    Social Justice.  History
    This lady was watching the scene outside her window when the riots occurred in Baltimore a few years ago. The text by poet,Stephen Pohl, is hand stitched on handmade paper and felt. Dimensions: 22"Hx24"WX0.5"D 2015
  • Fat Lady Blues Book Cover detail.jpeg

    Poetry, Social Justice
    A detail of the poem that is hand stitched showing the handmade felt and paper surface. The work alludes to the scenes relating to the demonstrations, looting as a result of the death of Freddie Gray.
  • Naked Trees Book Cover 2016.jpg

    Neighbourhoods,Collaborative Projects.
    A view of the foliage of Roland Park, Baltimore City. A contrast to some of the poorer neighbourhoods. In this image the work is executed on handmade felt using hand and machine stitches to show the linear quality that can be achieved not just by pen, pencil but the sewing machine. Dimensions: 12"Hx24"Wx0.5"D 2016
  • Naked Trees -2016.jpg

    The Tex and image is machine and hand stitched on handmade felt. The poem is by Stephen Pohl. The work relates to the trees by the trail in Baltimore City. Several works relating to the neighbourhoods and contrasts have been created in 2015-2017. Dimensions: 21"Hx24"Wx0.5"D 2016.

10.The Uprising Baltimore

The Unrest in Baltimore City in 2015 resulted in a series of Collaborative work with poet, Stephen Pohl. The works address poverty, social justice and the riots that took place in April, 2015.

The text or verse by (Stephen Pohl) relate to these issues. Text is richly layered with stitch on handmade felt and handmade paper. A series of
Book Covers works addressing the Freddie Gray death and the city of Baltimore.

  • 1Silhouette on Laser 1.jpg

    A recent creation of these series on laser. The text is stitched on the sewing machine. The wood engraving shows the shadows of the National Guards that kept Law and Order in the city during the Uprising of 2015. Dimensions: 21"HX20"WX2"D 2019
  • The Uprising 2016.jpg

    Social Justice,Mixed Media Works
    The image shows the demonstrators and protests outside The City Hall during the 2015 riots in Baltimore as a result of the death of Freddie Gray. The images are manipulated in Photoshop and created on handmade felt using machine embroidery incorporating stitch. Dimensions: 18"Hx42"Wx2"D 2016
  • The Uprising detail 1.jpg

    The Marchers,protestors outside the City Hall, Baltimore during the Uprising of 2015. The image is printed on handmade felt and further manipulated with machine embroidery. Dimensions of detail: 12"Hx11"Wx0.5"D 2016
  • AMERCIA'S PASTIME 2015.jpg 1.jpg

    Mixed Media
    Although the Orioles Match was cancelled during the 2015 riots to the fans, the match continued behind closed doors. The image shows some of the fans peering through the gates. The work is executed on handmade felt using text by Stephen Pohl, poet. The poem is stitched with the images digitally manipulated in the Photoshop. Dimensions: 20"Hx22"Wx2"D 2016
  • The Empty Stadium 2015.jpg

    Mixed Media
    During the riots of 2015 in Baltimore, the Orioles match was not open to the fans, however, the game went on. The image shows the Orioles Logo machine embroidered on a handmade felt background. The image of the batsman or bowler is digitally manipulated in the Photoshop and printed on the felt. Dimensions: 12"Hx15"Wx0.5"D 2015
  • POSTURING 2015.jpg

    Social Justice,Mixed Media Works
    An image of the National Guards in Baltimore during the riots of 2015. The text is by poet, Stephen Pohl, is stitched on handmade felt surface. The image of the Guards is photographed, manipulated and printed on the handmade felt. Dimensions: 28"Hx18"Wx0.5"D 2016
  • The Rioter 2015.jpg

    Mixed Media -Collaboration
    One of the many scenes that took place during the 2015 riots in Baltimore City. The image is digitally manipulated and printed on handmade felt. The text by poet, Stephen Pohl is hand stitched on the felt surface. Dimensions: 27"Hx16"Wx2"D 2015
  • Silhouettes Book Cover 2016.jpg

    The handmade felt collaborative work with text by poet,Stephen Pohl shows the National Guards in Baltimore keeping Law and Order. The work is hand stitched on handmade felt and paper. Dimensions. 22"Hx24"Wx1"D 2016
  • "Silhouettes 1" -Book Cover 2.jpg

    Book Covers-Book Art
    The Book Cover executed on handmade felt incorporating drawing and collage shows the image of the National Guards who were requested to keep watch over the city of Baltimore during the riots of 2015. The title has been used for several series of works from 1/1 prints to sculpture. In this example the title is machine embroidered and collaged on the surface. Dimensions: 22"Hx24"Wx1"D 2016.
  • Prescription for Peace -2015jpg.jpg

    Demonstrations. Social Justice.
    This is the first series of the collaborations. The Mondamin Mall in Baltimore was the focus of the riots in 2015. The image shows the shops and the words Mondamin Strong. The work is created on handmade felt. Several works were created on handmade felt at this time. The text is hand stitched. Dimensions: 12"HX24"WX0.2"D 2015

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