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Miguel Braceli is a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersection between art, architecture and education. His practice is focused on participatory projects in public space. Most of these projects have been large scale works, developed in countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, México, Spain, Sweden, United States and Venezuela. From the geopolitical geography to a human scale, these works explore notions of borders, migrations, homelessness, national identities and... more

HERE WE AREA. Postcards from Iwo Jima

Collective performance to raise a living flag in front of the house of government of the city of Baltimore. Baltimore is one of the "sanctuary cities" of the United States, those that protect its inhabitants from federal immigration laws. This project seeks to reflect on the concepts of city, citizens and citizenship from the poetic gesture of the construction of the territory through the ceremony of raising a flag, a protocol act transformed into a playful action. What is usually a military ceremony here is transformed into a civic celebration; in an open project of overflowing; in an action impossible to contain.

Project developed with students from MICA Interdisciplinary Sculpture and in collaboration with MICA Day of Service, MICA Graduate Studies and Leslie King Hammond Fellowship Award.

ENTERRAR LAS BANDERAS EN EL MAR (To burry the flags in the sea)

Collective performance where a group of students from Antofagasta (Chile) descend hills with flags to be submerged in the sea. The action takes place at the epicenter of the Pacific War. It is a territory of historical geopolitical conflicts, whose borders have recently become strained by the increasing migrations from South America. This project seeks to rethink the relations between nationalism and its direct consequences on xenophobia. The work proposes to dilute these tensions and their social implications from the poetics of the gesture: keeping the flags contained in the same plane, moving in unison; faded in the sea.

Project developed in SACO Festival de Arte Contemporáneo 8, with the participation of students from the Complejo Educativo Juan José Latorre Benavente, comuna de Mejillones, Chile.

LAKE ROLAND: Living Boundaries

Participatory performance is part of a walk that explores the scientific, artistic and social principles of absorption at Lake Roland, a defunct reservoir surrounded by parkland at the edge of Baltimore City. Delving into both ecological and social issues, this walk will examine the relationship between people, land, and water, as well as exclusionary urban planning.

TRIGGER. Shooting US.

Trigger is a project aimed at transforming an object of violence into a pedagogical tool and reimagining a gunshot as method of construction. The body is the structure of the weapon; as an object of knowledge, it holds the same possibility as a book. In framework of Constitution Day, Trigger propose to use the US Constitution as the object to shoot. The objective is to create metaphors about the power of law and rights as a weapon; at the same time, questioning from an Art School the idea of the legality of guns and its consequences in the educational spaces.

This project is a collective performance developed as a workshop to learn from the action and from the body. It requires the collaboration of the students to design the movements; understand the concept, material, and space; to create discussions that born from the performative experience.
30 linear meteres, 15 participants

Project developed within MICA Day of Action celebrating Constitution Day.


    TRIGGER.SHOOTING US Constitutions Collective Performance MICA Constitution Day 2019

    TRIGGER.SHOOTING US Constitutions Collective Performance MICA Constitution Day 2019

    TRIGGER.SHOOTING US Constitutions Collective Performance MICA Constitution Day 2019
  • 2019 TRIGGER MICA-2019 TRIGGER MICA-3X1A2353.jpg

    TRIGGER.SHOOTING US Constitutions Collective Performance MICA Constitution Day 2019

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