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A Melody from Lanier's Flute

Baltimore-hero Sidney Lanier composed and performed this melody while imprisoned during the Civil War at Point Lookout Prison, VA. He was able to sneak his flute past the guards, and played this sweet, longing melody to entertain his fellow comrades. His friend, Father Tabb, found this melody so beautiful that it stuck with him all throughout his time in prison. Upon returning from war, he wrote it down. Edwin Litchfield Turnbull wrote a piano accompaniment to go with the melody, and it was performed in a Christmas Mass in Baltimore in 1913.

Lowell Liebermann Sonata for Flute: Presto

This selection is one of my favorite pieces of music - the second movement of Lowell Liebermann's sonata for flute and piano. This is a live recording taken from the Peabody Friday Noon Series, where I performed in October 2018. This piece reminds me of the hard work it takes to be a musician. The fast, repeated, three-note pattern never stops throughout this movement, causing tension to build and build. This might cause a piece to be overwhelming, however the harmony gives off a fun, playful feel.

Bordel 1900 - Àstor Piazzolla

My work as a musician involves two things: putting a fresh perspective on old treasures, and spreading my love for music to anyone and everyone. These ideals are reflected throughout my Baker Artist profile in everything I do. My duo, 2nd Ceremony, performs pop-up concerts throughout Baltimore for residents to attend for free. As a solo performer, I view myself as a Teaching Artist, ensuring that the music I perform is understood well, and helping audience members relate to my music. My duo brought the program A South American Melting Pot to Pratt Libraries and Penn Station this year.


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At the inception of her career as a concert flutist, Amanda Dame is fiercely active throughout the Northeast as a soloist, chamber musician, and pedagogue. Originally from New York, Amanda has been a laureate in many competitions, receiving first place awards in the National Society of Arts and Letters Woodwind Competition in Washington, DC, the Best Mozart Performance category of the global Great Composer Competition Series, 2014 Central Ohio Flute Association Young Artist... more

Reviving a Baltimore Legend: Classical Holiday Tour featuring music by Sidney Lanier

This year, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore John's Hopkins' collection of poems, music, and memoriabilia of Sidney Lanier. Lanier was a Baltimore resident who, after fighting in the Civil War, was both an English professor at Johns Hopkins and Principal Flute of the Baltimore Symphony (then called the Peabody Symphony). Sidney Lanier was a gifted, virtuoso flutist and his music is rarely performed. I decided to include two of his selections from the JHU archives in my Classical Holiday series; A Melody from Lanier's Flute, and Wind Song for solo flute.

I supplemented this recital with other music that is rarely performed, including Romance Op. 23 by Amy Beach and Three American Pieces by Lukas Foss. My goal was to give these pieces an ideal placement in the wide realm of flute repertoire. Each of these pieces is thick with nostalgia, longing, and beauty, and as such they go together perfectly on my Classical Holiday program. This year, Classical Holiday was featured at Anderson House on December 9th, as well as at The Mainstay in Rock Hall, MD on December 16th.

  • Romance Op. 23 by Amy Beach

    Originally a work for violin and piano, this piece by Amy Beach is simple, beautiful, and brings in feelings of warmth and nostalgia. I began my programs with this piece, and right after presenting the showcase of Sidney Lanier's pieces.
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    Amanda Dame and pianist Chelsea de Souza after the Anderson House performance on December 9th, 2018.
  • Wind Song by Sidney Lanier

    Lanier composed and performed this virtuosic work for Leopold Damrosch, the director of the New York Philharmonic. Leopold was impressed, calling the work poetic, and presented enthusiastically.
  • Christmas Melody

    A set of Holiday favorites arranged by the performers (Myself, and Chelsea de Souza).

2nd Ceremony: Founded in Baltimore, for Baltimore

Formed in August 2018, my duo 2nd Ceremony has enjoyed upwards of 20 performances this Fall throughout the Baltimore area in the form of pop-up concerts at Libraries, house concerts, or performances at the Peabody Institute. All of our events are free, and we make audience engagement an important part of each program. Our goal is not only to bring a fresh perspective to popular pieces for this ensemble arrangement, but also to break down barriers and stigmas that classical music performances can sometimes bring. We want everyone to be able to engage and relate to the music, whether they know lots about music or nothing at all.

Engaging Community Members through Peabody at the Library

Through a partnership with Peabody Institute, 2nd Ceremony launched a community engagement initiative, performing pop-up concerts inside Pratt libraries all over the city of Baltimore. So far the group as appeared at Pratt libraries in Washington Village, Hamilton, Patterson Park, and Roland Park. In March they will appear at the Pratt library on Light Street.

Pop-up Concert during Rush Hour at Penn Station

For this project, 2nd Ceremony set up in the lobby of Penn Station from 4pm-6pm on a Friday, entertaining travels as they walked by or waited for trains to arrive. Community members were so friendly, and were willing to talk with us in between pieces and asked questions about the music. This was a lot of fun, and we look forward to presenting more Pop-up concerts throughout Baltimore.

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