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Deposition (first 10 pages).pdf

In this excerpt from my full-length play "Deposition," we meet Nelson and Annie, whose marriage is interrupted by Nelson's heart attack and subsequent coma. We also meet Zora, Nelson's nurse, who shall discover an unexpected connection with Nelson that challenges everyone's assumptions about death and the afterlife.

PDF icon Deposition (first 10 pages).pdf

Patient X (first 5 pages).pdf

In this excerpt from my one-act play "Patient X," Doctor Jon treats Tamara for an inexplicable case of X-ray vision, as his deceased father and her grandmother watch from the afterlife.

PDF icon Patient X (first 5 pages).pdf


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I am a playwright and director from Baltimore, Maryland, where I work as an editor for an ed-tech company. My plays have been produced throughout the United States, including in Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Denver, and Washington, D.C. I am also a former Regional Representative (Baltimore) for the Dramatists Guild of America. To learn more about my work, please visit my website:


After thirty days in a coma, Nelson awakens convinced he has visited the afterworld, where a vast river separates him from a benevolent figure on the far shore. His wife, Annie, is equally convinced Nelson has experienced nothing more mysterious than a dream induced by an oxygen-starved brain.

Following his discharge from the hospital, Nelson spends an increasing amount of time by the river, nearly dry from drought, that trickles past his and Annie’s home. Annie has been finding in its dusty channel unusual objects—a bone, a pocket watch, a katsina doll—which Nelson interprets as clues to his near-death experience: solving the puzzle in his present life will teach him to cross the river in his afterlife. His beliefs are both challenged and encouraged by his nurse, Zora, an evangelical Christian with a near-death history that uncannily parallels Nelson’s.

As Annie struggles to reconcile her memories of her husband with his new reality, Nelson slides deeper into obsession. At play’s end, she leaves him with an ultimatum: solve your mystery, alone, or save our marriage.

Patient X

Doctor Jon treats Tamara for an inexplicable case of X-ray vision, as his deceased father and her grandmother watch from the afterlife. Tamara’s condition proves a mixed blessing for everyone—living and dead—when she sees inside a locked safe full of secrets that belonged to Jon’s father.

The play requires a simple set (several platforms; a table and chairs). With the possible exceptions of a locked safe, a pair of crutches, and a walking boot, props are commonplace.

The Apple Don't Fall

Six months ago, Dan’s entire known family died tragically in a tornado accident in Appalachia. So when Glenne shows up claiming to be his long-lost half-sister, Dan fears she wants nothing more than a piece of his inheritance. Besides, Dan already has plans for the money: to create—with a visionary director named Leon and his silent troupe of “enactors”—a new form of theatre consisting wholly of gesture.

Thus begins the battle for Dan's heart and wallet. Will high culture win out or will Glenne, who could really use the money to expand her tiny business into a global fitness empire? The final act opens with the inaugural performance by Leon's company; by the time it ends, Dan has decided where to invest. But can he justify his faith in visionary directors ... or newfound half-sisters?

A Year of Living Dangerously

This "seasonal cycle" consists of four 10-minute plays:

  • Spring: "Opening Day, 2050: O's at Nats"

Self-proclaimed superfans “Baby Bill” Murkovski and his wife, Sharon, have been regulars at Orioles and Nationals games for forty years, finding reasons to believe despite each team’s annual slide to the cellar.

  • Summer: "Fireworks"

Stuck in traffic en route to the beach, Maygin and Jenifer strike up a conversation with a roadside fireworks vendor who turns out to be Maygin’s estranged cousin, ’Remy.

  • Fall: "The Critic"

For nearly twenty years David has been panning Turner’s plays. The latest review is the final straw.

  • Winter: "Plunge"

For years Jo has been holding her own, private Polar Bear Plunge. This year she invites Max, a cute guy who seemed interested … until he brings another woman to the icy beach.

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