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Ship hat

Selfies with my stick built RC ship hat.

Alpha wolf

Photo of the newly finished werewolf I built. Seen here on location of The Theatre of Terror in the pine barrens on NJ. Photo Credit: The Horror Nerd

Tree relief

I'm hand drew this and sketched it on this pine round. I had been dremelling the detail and it will be complete soon.


About Patrick

Baltimore County

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Hello Baker Artist, I am an artist/actor residing in Baltimore City. My mom got me into monsters, costumes and horror at an early age. I've had a problem ever since. Currently I am producing my own local horror/comedy film "Don't Open Until... Krampus".  We are including as many local people as we can fit. Very thankful for the support.   I am 6'7 and 215 lbs. I fancy myself a creature suit character actor. I seek to put Baltimore artist on the map!! Lets collaborate on something... more

Ship Hat

This is a completely homemade Radio Controlled Ship Hat. It's powered by a 9. 6v battery hidden in the deck. The twin motors live in the bow and the servo that controls the rudder is mounted in the house. See more of the building here

Don't Open Until .... Krampus.

In 2017 I built this 7'9" creature suit with the help of my gf. We then came up with a "short to medium" length story called Don't Open Until ... Krampus. We've since been working on getting it together. In 2018 we filmed the short teaser. In 2019 we registered the script with the WGA-East. Currently still a bit of a work in progress as we are tightening locations and characters. It's a refining process. Stay tuned.


I drew and then reliefed these knotwork dog and dragon for the ends of a freecycled bench I built. And I've recently been working on this tree. See video for its current state.

2019 Reel

In order; The Sultan and The Saint, Bill Tilghman and The Outlaws, The Theatre of Terror, Ghost Cop II, Vindicta.

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