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Kate Billingsley- Communikate: Art Alive Opening night Baltimore improv festival July 27 2015

This is my performance from the opening night of the 2015 Baltimore Improv Festival, July 27th, 2015. I improvised 3 different characters based upon the audiences' suggestions of Monet and Gauguin.


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Baltimore City

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Kate Billingsley is a trilingual improvisational (French, Spanish, English) performer  with the Baltimore Improv Group.  In her funny, tender, genre-busting show, CommuniKate:Artalive!, she creates a series of improvised characters based upon an audience member's suggestion, slipping in historical information about artists and the worlds they lived in.   She has performed it in English at Chicago's Second City,and at a benefit performance for Baltimore’s NPR station.... more

Write-up in the Baltimore Sun, weekend of shows at Theatre Project

Here is the link to the Baltimore Sun write-up of "CommuniKate: Artalive!" at the Baltimore Theater Project
the weekend of Friday, July 14th-Sunday, July 16th.

Communikateing in Spanish - The Harold and More

The Harold is an improv format that requires heightening and quick comedic responses. A group of 4-8 improvisers perform three distinct beats formed from three different comedic games. I performed this format in Sevilla, Spain with fellow performers.

Character-based improvisation

These are examples of the characters that I have created based upon an audience members' favorite painter, and an article of clothing.

  • Communikate: artalive! March 24th 2018

    This is a CommuniKate:Artalive! performance from March 24th, 2018, at the Magnet Theater in NYC. These 2 characters were improvised based upon an audience member's suggestion of Keith Haring.

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