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Banister_Pieta 2.jpg

Pieta 2
Pieta 2, 50" X 55", charcoal, pastel and linseed oil

Banister_Couple 3.jpg

Couple 3
72" X 52", charcoal, pastel and linseed oil

Banister_Seated Couple 4.jpg

Seated Couple 4
52" X 52", charcoal, pastel and linseed oil

Seated Couple 2.jpg

Seated Couple 2
54" X 52", charcoal, pastel and linseed oil


About Kim

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Kim Banister draws large scale, expressive figures. Her drawings, using charcoal, powered pigment and linseed oil, are gestural with single figures or multiple figures entwined. Banister has shown her work nationally. She is the gallery director at the Julio Fine Arts Gallery, Loyola University Maryland. Kim Banister received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dickinson College. In 2012, she was awarded a fellowship at the AAMG/Kellogg Academic... more


Certain views of the landscape seem sensual to me. After many years of drawing only the figure, this was an attempt to work with landscape.

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