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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Dawn

Dawn over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Dawn over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Catoctin Fall Glory #1

Catoctin Fall Glory #1
Fall trees in the Catoctin Mountians in Frederick, MD.

Hunter Moon over Centennial Lake

Hunter Moon over Centennial Lake
Hunter moon sets over Centennial Lake in Columbia, MD.

Patapsco Grist Mill Bend in Fall Light

Patapsco Grist Mill Bend in Fall Light
The Patapsco River at the Grist Mill Bend in fall light, Ellicott City, MD.


About Geoffrey

Baltimore County

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Applying a photojournalist's eye to landscape and nature photography in Oella, Maryland, Ellicott City, the Patapsco Valley, and beyond. Stylistically romantic, and unabashedly optimistic in execution, the work is built off a foundation of harmony.

Urban Oasis: My Patapsco

Running 39 miles from central Maryland, through the Patapsco Valley, under the iconic Key Bridge, and escaping into the Chesapeake Bay, the Patapsco River is an urban oasis. Steps from my front door in Historic Oella, Maryland, the Patapsco is a mentor driving creativity, teaching patience and providing peace.

The Black and White Landscape

Years ago, I cut my teeth on black and white, analog photography as I trained as a newspaper photojournalist. Sharing my love and respect for traditional monochrome, I proffer graphic landscapes and nature, in a classical black and white style, in medium format digital.

Fall Light/Local Landscape

When the seasons ethereal light lifts the familiar to mystical, my intent is to be present, attuned, honoring, and grateful to share the gift given.

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