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Southwest, Sunset, Zion, National Park, Landscape, Landscape Photography, Photography


This magic dance between earth and river is a visual feast that gives your body and soul a warmth of positivity and energy, as you absorb nature's fortitude and beauty. Then your mind explodes while trying to understand nature's patience, as this scene looking down Zion valley, past Angels Landing and the many layers of mountains below, clearly highlights how the meandering Virgin River below is methodically chiseling out the earths massive landscape that surrounds it, over almost an unimaginable length of time. And as you occupy this glorious view for only a minuscule fraction of a moment of a second, compared to the scene that surrounds you, it’s hard not to think of how many times this view, Observation Point, has experienced a similar sight of the sun disappearing behind the walls of earth. But, then you click your shutter and time is frozen within your camera, one that no matter how many have come before or follow after, will ever replicate its exactness. Which lightens your soul as you feel a sliver of your heart has stamped a lasting impression on this majestic, ancient location.