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A Baltimore backyard in the Summer of 2021. Thousands of Brood X Cicadas emerge after 17 years underground. An AI voiceover guides the viewer through the final days of the bugs as the nymphs emerge from the ground, molt, mate, and die. Using the life cycle of the Brood X Cicadas to explore new models of identity, mindfulness, and self-transformation in an era of global isolation and adaptation. Filmed with vintage 16mm probe lenses designed for extremely close photography and working with a commercial production crew, the film echoes the visual aesthetics of nature documentaries like “Planet Earth” & “Microcosmos” while subverting the traditional treatment in favor of a more psychedelic new age approach echoing Croenberg’s “eXistenZ” and Marker’s “Level Five.” Sound design recorded in collaboration with avant garde Berlin based composer Max Eilbacher using speciality microphones designed for recording extremely close sounds and vibrations inaudible to the human ear.