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Winter, Tree, Snow, Maryalnd


I envisioned this image for about a year or so prior to capturing it. I stumbled across this view in the park near my home during the winter before, but it was at the end of the season and there was little snow and it didn’t look right. I then waited and waited … and waited some more. And after the next winter arrived, it brought many snow days, but not enough of the white stuff that I was looking for … So, I waited some more … When the big snow storm finally hit, I woke the next morning with several feet of snow on the ground and I quickly put on my winter gear, grabbed my camera and walked to this tree. I found this scene softly laid out in front of me and it was worth every second of the wait. In winter, I love the starkness, the contrast, the minimalistic, simplicity of life and beauty that mother nature showcases during this time of year, if your eyes are open to see it. Every time I view this scene, it instantly takes me back to that quiet, calm morning with the sounds of nothingness surrounding me. That memory and this view has a great calming effect on me.