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WINNERS is about two people who win the lottery, although it’s not about them blowing through their money and going broke, and it’s not a love story, not exactly. It started for me when I heard about a couple of strangers hitting the same mega-jackpot, and I got to imagining how these two, with nothing in common except their win, might discover they needed to find each other very badly for reasons I figured would not be clear to them. And that they ought to be opposites in every way--age, class, gender, worldview--and that their pursuit of each other should be secretive and quirky.

This evolved into my novel, about the two of them--the struggling, underemployed young woman who is caught up in a robbery and shooting as she's buying her lottery ticket, and the affluent, reclusive middle-aged man who panics when he wins. They do not know it, but they are each other’s only hope of moving past the old traumas that haunt them. Their story is about relationships, family, grief, survival, and money--our assumptions about money, the ways money and class shape us, the effects of income inequality. It is set partly in Maryland, in working class suburbs that evoke Glen Burnie, and in waterfront neighborhoods that look like the bluffs above the Severn River.

WINNERS is complete, about 100,000 words, and I am currently working on revisions; if published, it will be my first novel.

PDF icon WINNERS novel excerpt--first 15 pages