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Wings of Desire, Bruno Ganz, Peter Falk, Berlin, angels, miniatures, mini art, metal sculpture, glass marbles, vignette, library art, literary art, cinematic art


An especially evocative scene from the movie, Wings of Desire, depicted in miniature. One of a series of six miniature vignettes I created based on famous library scenes in film, literature, and television series. This movie represented a divided city of Berlin, commentary on boundaries and freedoms in times of peace. The film purposely shot in black and white scenes to set the somber tone versus scenes in color when one of the main characters, an observing angel wishes to leave his immortality to SEE color, to FEEL the weight of a stone, and to LOVE a trapeze artist who wears angel wings – the movie gradually shifts to color. My primary medium is steel, often associated with modern and sleek, but all those variations in grey tones produce effects similar to black and white photography. Shapes and textures are more noticeable creating a timeless and dramatic look. The minimal addition of color, handmade paper books, glass marbles and copper, introduce subtle visual surprises versus becoming overwhelming and distracting.