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Text from Song Post: Week 52: Wildwood (written and uploaded Dec. 26, 2012) Gosh… what an emotional day. ‘Tis the Season, right? Writing “Wildwood” this morning was really tough, mostly because I couldn’t sing / write it without breaking down into tears. Not exactly sad tears, nor happy tears… just tears. Wildwood has been “home” to the family for 40 years… As long as I remember, we had a beautiful Christmas tree in the living room, a roaring fire, the player piano going, board games galore, kids sliding down the banister, billiards on the 3rd floor, wonderful foods being made in the kitchen (thanks Grandma), and a beautiful spread in the formal dining room. In December 2011, we had our final Wildwood Christmas. Soon after, the house was put on the market. It has a steep price tag, so there haven’t been many bites. I would buy it in a heartbeat… if I could. I just need that hit song! Anyways, It didn’t really hit me that things were changing until yesterday. I had Christmas dinner with my grandparents and my mom at the kitchen table. No tree. No big dinner. No fire. Grandpa still turned on the player piano though :) “Big Spender” is his favorite song to play on it. I know that one by heart. When I first arrived, my cousin Courtney and his wife Lizzy were playing backgammon in the corner where the tree normally stood. I picked up the glockenspiel by the piano and said, “I feel a song coming on”… and that was that. It’s such a beautiful house… but with most of my grandparent’s belongings moved out, the place feels empty and not like the usual “Wildwood”. We were so lucky to have had a place like that to gather, as family. I played the family player piano for this number. It’s really out of tune... but it’s just perfect that way. Also… I could be slightly emotional as this is my FINAL song of the year. #52. THE END. I don’t think it has hit me yet. It’s been an amazing opportunity, and THANK YOU for it. Thank you for your belief, your words of encouragement, the freedom to write as I pleased, your emails, and your silence ;) Secretly, I do hope you enjoyed ALL of the tunes, although we all know that pleasing you was not what I set out to do. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Love Victoria