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Positive imaging and artist advocacy are at my core as an artist. I can not claim one without claiming the other. In a world where the imaging of people of color has been exploitive, degrading, and even absent , I long to fill that void as an image maker. One of my crowning achievements as an artist has been my dedication to the documentation of African American social and cultural issues. My focus has been to express my interest in positive imaging through afrocentric themes, and ethnocentric culture. These creations are a reflection of my personal values and pay homage to ongoing themes of unity, family, and spirituality. My intention is to create positive imagery that brings attention to the issues that concern our community by illustrating health topics which effect our community such as HIV and AIDS, breast cancer, sickle cell disease, black mental health, etc., to social issues regarding education, fatherlessness, endangered youth, family hardship, or homelessness. Always celebrating our diversity, encouraging unification, or recognizing perseverance in my subjects.