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When One of them came in driving a little old mule hitched to a cart, and the mule began kicking things to pieces, the children squealed with delight 2017 Cardboard Piñata, family photographs (1971-1973), vintage champagne mink & mink tail,23k gold leaf, sterling silver leaf, copper leaf, vinyl, gimp, tassels, glue, thread, spray paint performance ( June 30th, 2017) DESCRIPTION: This piece was for an exhibition that celebrated and critiqued the idea of the art prize, each of us in the exhibition was a finalist for a large regional prize, it seemed fitting to make artwork that spoke to that moment when you swing your hardest at something and miss, or you hit it and realize what’s inside is not what you expected. Upon looking through old family albums, we had many images of our birthday parties hitting piñatas, I made one celebration award object for each artist in the exhibition, and placed it in the golden unicorn. Patrons had a choice as to whether it was just a potential object, or could be broken, finally, children decided they wanted to break it open hoping for candy. To my surprise, they were even more enamored with the art prizes that came out. (stills from performance)