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Memories and perceptions are strange things. We choose to see and memorize certain things, not others. A Bulgarian choreographer, Tzveta Kassabova, and I experimented with the visual perception. Plastic sheets and bags of different sizes were used as the source material to generate the context and the movements from. Actions happened behind, under, and around them, constraining the visual information audience received. "... two artists have a lot in common. Strong, original movers who fully inhabit the space they’re in, both are foreign-born—Kassabova hails from Bulgaria, while Maeshiba is from Japan— and bring a seriousness to their movement exploration that feels, to me at least, almost un-American in its rigor...Be ready for some ambiguity: while the environment has been intentionally set by the artists, each audience member’s take on the performance will likely be a bit of an individual journey." - Washington City Paper