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Color, Slot Canyon, Antelope Slot Canyon, West, Landscape


The tranquility washes over you as you descend down into the small crevice between the deserts red rocks. You feel as if you’re mentally and emotionally transitioning through a wave of time. But not an ocean wave, but an earth wave that only could be seen in its completion if viewed for thousands, if not tens of thousands of years in hyperspeed. They are one in the same if you let yourself see it. It’s like an outer body type experience, as if you had an opportunity to freeze time and stand calmly within the exact moment of a powerful ocean wave, where you could visually come out of your own existence and exam the intricacies of the shapes, lines and colors that seem so impossible to exist together, yet do so with such perfection. The Antelope Slot Canyons are one of my favorite places to visit and photograph when in the Southwest. The several hours you spend wandering through the canyon walls are ones you'll always remember. And I feel its worth the time, effort and money spent to get there and experience it. Just make sure you visit the lower section also, if not first (where this image was captured), as I believe you’ll enjoy a much more spiritual and peaceful experience. And make sure to visit around the middle of the day (high noon) on a sunny day, that’s what makes the light and color bounce around the canyon walls.