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One of my most anticipated day on my recent Southwest trip was the hike up the Narrows of Zion National Park. And it was everything I had built it up to be. The hike was amazing from start to finish and something I would recommend to everyone who loves hiking and seeing beauty within nature. I can’t wait to visit again. During the entire hike through the Narrows, I used my 6-stop Circular Polarized filter to help cut through the glare of the water and push my exposures to 8/15/30 seconds, giving the Virgin River a beautiful glassy motion to it. The 30-second exposure was for the flowing water, the 8-second for the brightest, glow of the scene and the 15-second images were for the midtowns of the image. However, I was standing in 1-3 feet of flowing water, so the tripod sturdiness was key, along with finding proper locations within the water was critical. In this image, I used a medium sized boulder (seen in the bottom left foreground) and the side wall of the Narrows to sturdy my tripod.