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Wahsouli (which means "my arrival" in Arabic) is an example of one of my more recent fusions of jazz and Middle Eastern music described in the project description for my Todd Marcus Quartet. It begins with a free drum solo till 3:42 when the main body of the composition begins several uptempo themes. These themes reflect influence of traditional Middle Eastern influenced melodies. These themes however are placed on top of jazz harmonies which give the work its unique identity as a fusion of Middle Eastern and jazz music. This piece also features one of my bass clarinet solos which demonstrate my ability to improvise on the instrument at fast tempos which are rarely done on bass clarinet. This is reflective of my efforts to establish the bass clarinet as a legitimate lead horn in modern jazz deserving of equal consideration with more traditional jazz horns like the saxophone and trumpet. Performed at Bohemian Caverns in December, 2012 in Washington, DC with: Todd Marcus (bass clarinet) George Colligan (piano) Warren Wolf (drums) Eric Wheeler (bass)