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Video Art Sent to North Korea


Video stills from various video art sent to North Korea, Professor Kim's Contemporary Art History Lessons (each video roughly 10 minutes), edited like children's educational TV show. Themes of Art History Lessons by Professor Kim include: 1. Art and Life 2. Art and Food 3. Art, Money, Power 4. Abstract Art and Dreams 5. Feminism, Are We Equal? 6. Art, Lives Matter, and Social Justice 7. Remix and Appropriation Art 8. Art and Technology 9. Art and Silence 10. Art and Environment There are a number of organizations in the United States that promote efforts to send information to North Korea. These include Flashdrives for Freedom, in California, who work with New York’s Human Rights Foundation. These US organizations are linked with larger organizations in Seoul, such as the North Korea Strategy Center. The Strategy Center liaises directly with activists and North Korean dissidents who send content into the North. The content generally includes world news, Wikipedia downloads, K-pop videos, K-drama, K-film, religious content, and more. The artist Mina Cheon has been working with ground level individuals and organizations based in South Korea who feel it is their life mission to free North Koreans from dictatorship; to help the opening up of North Korea, by supplying its people with information from and about the outside world. Looking at how media has played a role in opening closed societies, from faxes to art magazines – and, specifically, how information flows helped transform the Soviet Union and China – Cheon has been producing Professor Kim Art History Lessons with the North Koreans in mind. The videos are produced in K-Town of Baltimore, Maryland, uploaded onto USB drives in South Korea then passed on to these people, who directly take them into North Korea. The USBs have entered the country via several routes – through the land border with China, by balloons from South Korea, and another route that cannot be shared. Several hundred USBs have been sent to date and on going. List of Contents Art History Lesson 1 What is Art, What is Life? Part 1 (To be an Artist) (Professor Kim Snapchat Filter: Flower) Marcel Duchamp, Fountain, 1917 Assignment 1: Select an object from everyday life and call it art. Art History Lesson 2 What is Art, What is Life? Part 2 (Art and Food) (Professor Kim Snapchat Filter: Flower) Kim Il Soon, Eat Choco·Pie Together, 2014 Damien Hirst, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, 1991 Andy Warhol, Campbell’s Soup Cans, 1962 Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Ross), 1991 Ai Weiwei, Sunflower Seeds, 2010 Cody Choi, The Thinker, 1996-7 Assignment 2: Select a food you like and call it art. Art History Lesson 3 Art, Money, Power (Professor Kim Snapchat Filter: Leopard) Andy Warhol, Mao, 1972 (Series #90-99) Ai Weiwei, Mao, 1986 Ai Weiwei, Study of Perspective: Tiananmen, White House, Eiffel Tower, 1995 Joonho Jeon, The White House, 2005 Wang Guangyi, Great Criticism, 1990-2007 Alexander Kosolapov, Coca-Cola, 1983; Malevich, 1990; This is My Blood, 2001 Lee Mingwei, Money for Art, 1994 Assignment 3: Share your money not as money but as art. Art History Lesson 4 Abstract Art and Dreams (Professor Kim Snapchat Filter: Bunny) Grace Hartigan, Untitled, 1952 Wassily Kandinsky, Black Strokes, 1913 Kazimir Malevich, White on White, 1918 Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1955 Jackson Pollock, Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), 1950 Rene Magritte, Golconde, 1953 Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory, 1931. Yves Klein, International Klein Blue (IKB), 1959 Kim Il Soon, North Korean Dream Paintings Assignment 4: What do you dream about? Write down your dreams and make them come true in abstraction, so you won’t get into trouble! Art History Lesson 5 Feminism, Are We Equal? (Professor Kim Snapchat Filter: Cat) Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Yoko Ono, Cut Piece, 1964 Barbara Kruger, Not Stupid Enough, 1997 Guerrilla Girls, Do Women have to be Naked to get into the Met. Museum? 1989 Shirin Neshat, Rebellious Silence, 1994 Kim Il Soon, Happy North Korean Children, 2014 Assignment 5: Reverse the gaze, and find a gorilla (Guerrilla Girls) mask and wear it to a party. Art History Lesson 6 Art, Lives Matter, and Social Justice (Professor Kim Snapchat Filter: Mouse with Glasses) South Korean Minjung Misool, 80s pro-democracy art Dread Scott, I am Not a Man, 2009; A Man Was Lynched by Police Yesterday, 2016 Mark Bradford, US Pavilion Venice Biennale 2017 and his social justice work Free Ai Weiwei Bansky Assignment 6: Make a Sign that says My Life Matters and wear it to a special event or make art in the streets in secret. Art History Lesson 7 Remix and Appropriation Art (Professor Kim Snapchat Filter: Zebra) Cindy Sherman Mariko Mori Yasumasa Morimura Gerhard Richter Komar + Melamid Ilya Kabakov Mina Cheon aka Kim Il Soon Assignment 7: Create remix collage, to make something original, and think about who do you want to be today, a copy of another personality. Art History Lesson 8 Art and Technology (Professor Kim Snapchat Filter: Mouse with Glasses) Nam June Paik, Zen for TV, 1963; Zen for Film, 1965 Satellite Art Douglas Davis, The World’s First Collaborative Sentence, 1994 Char Davies, Osmose VR, 1995 Pierre Huyghe, Analee Christian Marclay, The Clock, 2010 Lee Wan, Proper Time, 2017 Cao Fei, RMB City: Second Life Project, 2008 Assignment 8: Turn on all your devices (media players) at once! Art History Lesson 9 Art and Silence (Professor Kim Snapchat Filter: Bunny) John Cage, 4’33”, 1952 BBC Televised Full Orchestra 4’33” Allan Kaprow, On/Off, 1994 Yoko Ono, Bed In, Peace, 1969 Kim Soo-ja, A Needle Woman Assignment 9: Get together with friends and watch John Cage’s 4’ 33” broadcasted live by BBC in full orchestral setting. Art History Lesson 10 Art and Environment (Professor Kim Snapchat Filter: Flower) Chris Jordan, Cell phones #2, 2005 Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty, 1970 Olafur Eliasson, Your Waste of Time, 2013 The 1st Antarctic Biennale 2017 Gabriel Orozco, Found Objects, 2012 Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Surrounded Islands, 1980-83 rAndom International, Rain Room, 2013 Assignment 10: Collect your trash and recycle it into art!