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Vestige Vessels: Centennial of the Everyday and Peace, Plenty and Independence Soda fired stoneware, looping video, plexiglass, walnut Stoneware made in collaboration with Jani Hileman and Mat Karas at the Maryland Institute College of Art Ceramics Department, Baltimore Videos produced in collaboration with Jonathan Monaghan In the Centennial of the Everyday vessel, an 18th century coconut sherd from the Alexandria Archaeology collection is shown as a spinning animation. This sherd represents the wide variety of goods and people brought to Alexandria’s shores as an active port city. Project collaborators Char McCargo Bah and Stephen Hammond read 3 poems that they chose: “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” (by Langston Hughes), “That Man is a Success” (by Robert Louis Stevenson), and “Caged Bird” (by Maya Angelou). Centennial of the Everyday is a collaboration of Lauren Frances Adams and Stewart Watson images courtesy Vince Lupo