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Bamboo, metal armature, and wire. 14' x 16' x 3.5' Site-specific installation, created for Johns Hopkins Universities Evergreen House. In order to bring people together to enjoy and promote the arts former Evergreen matron, Alice Warder Garrett converted the gymnasium into a private theater. Here she entertained friends with her own performances as well as hosted the Musical Art Quartet every spring and fall for nearly two decades. An arch stenciled by Leon Baskt, the celebrated set and costume designer for the Ballet Russes, acts as the facade for Alice's stage and is echoed throughout much of the architecture at Evergreen House. My outdoor theater for Alice reflects her verve and was inspired by the relationship between art and nature. Bamboo, which is known for its abundant growth and astonishing vitality, grows on the grounds at Evergreen House and symbolizes to me Alice's long-standing promotion of the arts in Baltimore and beyond. Performance by dancer Andrea Workman.