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<p>2010</p> materials: harbour water, self-designed and built filter (clear pvc pipe, rocks, gravel, sand, plant, soil, cotton, activated carbon, water bottle), chain, ladder, champagne flutes, cook pot, propane stove, non-rigid pvc tubing, scintillation vials, bleach, syringes, paper, bucket, hand pump, audience participation project description: In this work, presented at the 2010 Transmodern Festivalâ??s Pedestrian Services Exquisite, Glebes filtered Baltimoreâ??s inner harbour water with a self-designed and constructed water filter, treated it for microbial and viral contamination using only water or bleach, then invited viewers to drink the water from champagne flutes or take away purified water in vials as a true souvenir of the city. A tally was kept of those who drank, and from which treatment process. ---thank you to jill fannon and fred scharmen for their photographs