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Unbalance Nature, Bloom,Leaf,Pod, 2013-14, Watercolor on aquabord panel & archival ink-jet print, each 66" x 30" Bloom, Well meaning human decisions can often be credited with introducing invasive species. Pictured are species that were imported to tropical islands to solve agricultural problems but ran amuck: yellow jackets to rid hibiscus flowers of white mites they won't eat; mongoose were brought into the cane fields to eat attack rats. However, rats are nocturnal and mongoose diurnal. Meanwhile, the mongoose decimate small native species and the rats remain. Leaf, 2013-14, Watercolor on Aquabord Panels & Archival Ink-Jet Print, 66 x 30 inches There is evidence that plants ameliorate the effects of climate change through their dispersal of moisture into the air. It is theorized that an increase in trees and broad leaf plant could create clouds cover that would shield the earth from harmful sunrays. Pods, 2013, Watercolor on aquabord panel & archival ink-jet print, 66" x 30" Invasive Asian Water Chestnuts (inedible), painted in watercolor, are precariously stacked against a digital print ground of harmful giant hogweed and caterpillar tents. All three species are non-native and severely threatening the environments in which they have taken hold.