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This piece is inspired by our residency work in Llorenç Del Penedes, Spain, where we were able to witness the deeply moving construction of Castells(Human Towers) during the Fiesta Major celebrations of the region. This performance uses the embodied knowledge of contact improvisation to explore new methods of weight sharing, relationship, and interdependence to make us ask the question of where the physical metaphors of tower building exist in our own community. This ten-minute excerpt reveals the first sections of the work after the audience has been dancing in the performance space alongside the performers. As the pre show transitions the dancers began to create a human landscape that serves as a primary motif within the work. The sound of sheep being herded through the vineyards of Llorenç Del Penedes at sunset serves as an aural connection to early agricultural civilizations. Seeing how the farms plant and grow a community out of the earth seemed closely related to building a human tower today. And so this first section uses duets and floor work to establish relationship between the dancers bodies and the earth.