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twilight zone, burgess meredith, library art, literary art, metal art, apocalyptic art, literature in art, art in literature


A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus by Washington Irving (the book he’s reading in the bank vault) David Copperfield by Charles Dickens (the book he’s currently reading as a bank teller) The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury (a story of a book-less, television-centered world of the future) Storytellers Unplugged by Weston Ochse (Wikipedia references this author’s theory that we are delicately tied to technology which could easily fail but the irony in this episode is that it was the fragility of his glasses that led to his demise) To a Mouse by Robert Burns (Rod Serling alludes to this poem in the closing statement of the episode) William Shakespeare (one of Bemis’ favorite authors as he starts planning his future reading) The Obsolete Man (another Twilight episode with Burgess Meredith, a librarian, in which reading is obsolete) Rod Serling!! Lastly, nearly everything in this vignette is made from a book or represents a book.