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My great, great, great, grandfather's chair with writing on the bottom "Nagle 184-", paint made from burning one of my great, grandfather's chairs along with ancestral letters, receipts & documents, acrylic matte medium, steel, felt, hardware wall painted with paint made from the burned chair and letters 144" x 112", wood chair is about the size of an upside-down chair at a jaunty angle DESCRIPTION: Chairs have been integral to the work I make, they are representative of the body, place holders for action, as well this armature creates an opportunity to poke at “the museum” as a way to represent special objects. This chair is just a chair, yet my family believes it to be special because of the writing on its underside. It has since been returned to my parents’ apartment and is used frequently as a chair should. 144” x 112” x 50”