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Two Pieces for Toy Piano in the Dorian Mode, No. 1: Settled Groove came into being as Benjamin Buchanan (b. 1989) sought to learn how to beatbox and play toy piano at the same time. Settled Groove is an excerpt of Buchanan’s larger-scale work-in-progress: an hour long set of electronica-inspired pieces for toy piano with effects and beatboxing. Aesthetically, its harmonic language, use of repetition, dotted eighth note syncopation, and textural layering takes the sonic landscape of contemporary pop-electronica as the point of departure. Simultaneously, at its core Settled Groove presents interpretations of the composer’s emotional experience of the toy piano: the innocence, wonder, and magic of the child within; the nostalgia resulting from, and resilience in spite of, our loss of that childlike innocence; and the melancholic serenity achievable through play.