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Blues for Tahrir is an example of one of my more recent fusions of jazz and Middle Eastern music as explained in the project description for my Todd Marcus Quartet. It uses a contemplative feel by the rhythm section and melodies by my clarinet that are composed of different Middle Eastern scales. This recording offers an alternate version of this composition to show how the piece can vary depending on which of my quartet musicians are on the performance. After solos the arrangement introduces a new Middle Eastern inspired melody which in a traditional Middle Eastern setting would be played in unison with other instruments or vocalists. In this setting though, I've assigned chords that fuse this Middle Eastern type theme with jazz harmonies without losing the essence of the Middle Eastern feel. Performed at Bohemian Caverns in December, 2012 in Washington, DC with: Todd Marcus (bass clarinet) George Colligan (piano) Warren Wolf (drums) Eric Wheeler (bass)